Indictments and Plea Bargain! Next phases in Mueller investigation. Manafort turns himself iwhile pleading not guilty.

Indictments and Plea Bargain!  Next phases in Mueller investigation.  Manafort turns himself iwhile pleading not guilty.

Ladies and gentlemen, this dog has teeth. The real story of the day is Papadopoulos plea for reduced sentencing to 6-12 months in prison for lying to the FBI about his role in the ongoing collusion investigation.

Papadopoulos Is being set as an indicator that Mueller has people talking and example to others. You can cooperate and go the way of

Papadopoulos or continue to lie and go the way of Manafort who is likely going up the river for a very long time. To be fair Manafort's crimes to precede his dealings with the Trump campaign... but were well known and makes him an obviously tainted figure through his Russian dealings.

The isn't a partisan issue. It's about the truth in allegiance to this country that can't be unquestioned when our leaders owe debt to Russia and have sympathetic misgivings towards such a state that go unexplained.

Drip, drip, drip. This is unraveling faster than Watergate.

Indictments and Plea Bargain! Next phases in Mueller investigation. Manafort turns himself iwhile pleading not guilty.
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  • Waffles731
    Its kinda funny, chances are that asset confiscation of trump and his associates might happen, meaning that the first time he ever faces a consequence in his miserable bigoted life is when he loses it all.
    If there was a shred of humanity in him it would be eerily similar toa Greek tragedy.
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    • Waffles731

      But I won't be satisfied till they lose everything.

    • sjoes006

      He's protected against criminal prosecution while in office. Mueller can only provide evidence of criminal wrong doing to force impeachment. It is highly unlikely even if impeached he gets prosecuted even out for office.

      First time for everything I suppose but Pence can pardon him and has the political will behind him to do so just like Ford did Nixon.

      He isn't a well off man on paper. Neither are the Kushners. The Kushners are billion of dollars in debt on their flagship project 666 5th Ave and have been since 2006.

    • jacquesvol

      Imagine President Pence, controlling everyone's pants at the entrance of all public bathrooms.

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  • BellePepper
    I've been cackling over this all day >:D

    But like it's reaaaaaaaally a bummer that people were doing such horrible things and it took so long for them to be found out and that they were allowed to keep doing those things and operating in influential posts.
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    • sjoes006

      It's a bummer for sure. This guy has his hands all over presidential politics over the decades.

      I'm not quite to cackling. This was no surprise to a political junkie like me other than the plea bargain.

      There's so much more to come out and the details will be laid out meticulously, which obvy means not very quickly but hopefully with a timeline of Pence in office after midterms.

      In my eyes this is simply pulling at the first loose string of a sweater. It's going to come undone but it could take a while.

    • I agree with you. With how often these people lie they have to have proof for everything three times over.

      I AM really glad that they're getting in trouble for EVERYTHING though

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  • jacquesvol
    It's MUCH bigger than Watergate.
    Watergate was just a small burglary and the president's men lying about it.
    This is Putin (and Mercer) choosing the POTUS by manipulating media and public opinion, with the help of the FBI.
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    • jacquesvol

      Look at this: It should have happened 18 months ago, by the FBI, the NSA and the CIA. But they were blind.

    • sjoes006

      Agreed. This was the theft of an election that can't be set right. We kick him out and get Pence which I'm fine with at this point.

      Again, I will not blame Comey. I really do not believe Comey considered any political intent when he did what he had to do. THAT MAY VERY WELL BE THE PROBLEM.

      He didn't consider the political fallout... but he isn't a politician and I think he felt he could release and clear Clinton with little affect on the election.

      It was a tidal wave, this Trump thing. Hillary won by almost 3m votes. The thing we are still trying to iron out since our founding isnthis electoral college which has now been perverted beyond repair thanks to computing. If you live in a city in the US your vote is not equal to that of a rural mouse. They carry more weight. Cracking and packing. Supreme Court said fix it but not how.

    • jacquesvol

      Indeed, the electoral college rules were made intentionally to give a big advantage to rural voters. Hence the GOP repeating "The US is a Republic, that's not the same as a democracy"

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  • metalsucks2
    When will they indict Hillary Clinton?

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    • goaded

      When she breaks a law?

    • @goaded
      She did break the law

    • goaded

      Did she? Which one? When?

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  • DonkeyRick69
    Nothing will come of it simply because it goes back to high profile democrats such as Hillary colluding with the Russians too.
    Trump won because he wasn't Hillary not because of the Russians. Hillary won the democrat ticket by fraud. Any other democrat candidate but Hillary coupd have beaten Trump.
    It will work out as a case of mutually assured destruction just like how ex President Clinton escaped impeachment, his administration had dirt on the republicans so both sides had to back down. If they go after Trump it's likely Bill and Hillary would be vulnerable to criminal charges as well as many other democrats.
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