Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult


All of us who've seen Smallville remember Allison Mack - a quirky cute character from the series.

Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult

Well...seems that she's been implicated in a sex cult scandal unfurling right now.

The cult's founder and leader -Keith Raniere - was arrested a few days ago and detained for questioning on, among others, charges of sex trafficking!

Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult

Now, it is well known that this organization claiming to be a self-help organization is actually a sex cult made of exclusively of women that are branded with Raniere's and Mac's initials upon being accepted into the cult and are put on a strict vegan diets so as to be ask skinny as possible, because that's the body type Raniere prefers most sexually speaking.

He has sex with all of his followers and celebrates his birthday for a full week by having shows and performances played out especially for him by the other members of the organization.

Allison Mac got involved in this cult during her time in Smallville by the Smallville's main actress (who played Lois Lane) Kristin Kreuk!

Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult

She left the organization in 2012 after allegations of misconduct and criminal activity began coming out about the cult's practices.

Kristin is now said to be disgusted and horrified by the revelations of what this organization turned out to be and at the time is said to believe it was a self-help organization and nothing more. She, herself, experienced none of the branding nor sexual misconduct by Raniere or any other members.

Raniere is back in the US, being held without bail.

Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult
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  • azzntittiz
    I think my ex was trying to make me his second in command in something like this. There are plenty men whose dream it is to dominate women and make them sex slaves.

    Very often these men resort to settling for mediocre looking women not necessarily useful in the sack because if the nature of their activities, like weird fetishes so on. I broke up with him because he has strange requests was a liar who tried to make me think I agreed to things I didn't, wanted me to recruit young girls and pretended he wanted to help them, when I found out what he was about we stated to fight and I noticed why he was never sexual because most of these men are either impotent, which he wasn't but he knows nothing about sex, he was very lame and a waste of my time.

    I say this to make people who claim to hold on to sexual purity, that you might turn into a weird freak. I think that's what happened to him because he was a church goer.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • DamnMan
    OK, I'm trying to find out what criminal conduct was done when adults are giving consent to a sex cult. I hear sex trafficking, but sounds like they all had sex with the guy only. The branding is wrong, should have gotten them necklaces instead.

    Sounds like no pussy-getting dudes are mad about pussy-getting dudes.
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    • 0112358

      Well for one it’s alleged they used layer after layer of blackmail to get more blackmail material to get more and more control over people.

      They then used the blackmail material to extort sex, forced labour etc.

    • @0112358
      Yeah, very similar to Scientology.

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  • Jan_Classic
    Crap of bull I smell. It starts with "vegan diet leads to skinny body". No it's wrong. 100% meat diet leads to skinny body, the vegan food leads to behemoth obesity.Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult
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  • MarkRet
    She looks like Desirae Spencer, the MILF pornstar that does virgin guys (not really virgin guys, but her husband, who role plays as a virgin guy). Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult
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    • Ahsthen

      Spencer is better-lookin, though.

  • bellybuttonlint
    When I first heard this, my heart kind of sank... but then I realized that they must have been deceived... there's really no motive for these 2 girls to do something like this. They both made a lot of money from Smallville and it would hurt their reputation.

    So my thing is, they both just put their John Hancock on a document that they never read... which is a shame. I think these 2 girls are good people though and were being used.
    • Red_Dragon

      Nah bruh. They just kinky probably, but at some point that shit gets out of hand. See that's where money and fame come in. Just like there are lot of drug addicts who are celebs. Why? Because the money gives them access to whatever they want. Yeah this some kinky shit gone too far is what this is.

    • 0112358

      No. Just no.

      She’s the number 2 in a cult.

      They branded all the women who joined with a brand design that included her initials. She helped design the brand. She’s not someone who just signed s document.

    • Red_Dragon

      @0112358 Very true. She also would help recruit members. Because of her fame women followed. She worked her way up from slave to number 2. Yeah she wanted this. She wasn't "tricked" or anything. She needs to be arrested as well.

  • PervinMervin29
    Aww that makes me sad as I had such a crush on them both growing up watching smallville. Like how does one join a rapey sex cult.Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cultAllison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult
    • Ahsthen

      Pear on the left is nicer, though she on the right probably has nicer legs.

  • SirRexington
    So weird how are perception of someone or something can be so far off. I feel sorry for all the victims and hope there is proper justice.
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  • vishna
    What a sicko. These cults are all about control and stroking egos... ever seen The Invitation?
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  • admles
    Wow... I met her a few years ago, got a photo and autograph, wouldn't have suspected it of her at all!
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    • Did she not try to recruit You?
      I met Micheal judge, Amanda tapping, Micheal shanks and claudia black from SG1 a few years ago in a bar. They'd come from some comic co convention, they seemed alright.

    • admles

      @PervinMervin29 I actually met her at a convention, and had drinks at the VIP party with her, she was really cool.

      Did you mean Chris Judge? I've met him a few times, top guy, great to have a drink with.

    • Mike judge is a cartoon guy lol. Actually just said hello to them, a bit of banter at the bar as they were in a booth and collected the drinks for my group and went about my buissness. They seemed alright. I've met other celebrities before some of whom are real cunts.

  • Landshrk0068
    Words cannot express my thoughtsAllison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult
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  • BronzedAdonis
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  • JSmith925
    Positively sick. If he had lured my daughter, he would be looking for his penis right now.
    • Ahsthen

      You're stupid. If she were it would mean you didn't do your job or/and she wasn't capable of taking care of herself.

    • JSmith925

      @Ahsthen There is truth to that. Still, it makes my blood boil that people get away such attrocities.

    • Ahsthen

      In a world of resource abundance and providence, and lack of taboo, fear fades away...

  • bubble_tea
    .. and apparently very happy to mutilate/brand his female followers.
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  • JonDoe1985
    This is neither here nor their, but Kristen Kruek played Lana Lang, not Louis Lane.
  • BeHappy1985
    Sex cult? Where do I find me one of those? Is there a number I call?
  • ovoxo_
    Wow I never expected from her. She seemed so innocent!
  • Red_Dragon
    Holy shit.
    • Red_Dragon

      I tell you what.. you know they got caught, but you know a bunch of celebs are probably doing this shit. Didn't oh boy tell us this in Get Out? These celebs in all kinds of crazy cult shit. I guarantee it. Sick fuckas.

    • Red_Dragon

      It's like that Hostel shit. You got the money you can fuck someone up for thrills. Sick bastards.

    • DizzyDesii

      Hahaha 👍

  • SnowHearth
    Old news,
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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Was there a question in there?
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    • Red_Dragon

      It's a mytake. Don't need to be a question.

    • Leah100

      not everyone wants to know if there dick is big enough

    • belarus

      No but it's pop culture so I guess anything goes for the dim witted.

  • Mandajoy532
    Kristen Kreuk played Lana Lang.
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    • That's true... GAG doesn't let you edit original posts unfortunately.

    • Yeah she did. Probably the biggest cock tease in tv history. By the end Lana probably had brain damage and needed counselling as every episode some weird psychopath became increased with her, stalked her, assaulted her and then knocked her unconscious only for Clark to zoom in at super speed to save the day.

  • Anon-ymous1
    ... Kristen Kreuk played Lana Lang.
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  • MrMAC777
    I wonder if she put this on her "Wall of Weird"?
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