Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult


All of us who've seen Smallville remember Allison Mack - a quirky cute character from the series.

Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult

Well...seems that she's been implicated in a sex cult scandal unfurling right now.

The cult's founder and leader -Keith Raniere - was arrested a few days ago and detained for questioning on, among others, charges of sex trafficking!

Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult

Now, it is well known that this organization claiming to be a self-help organization is actually a sex cult made of exclusively of women that are branded with Raniere's and Mac's initials upon being accepted into the cult and are put on a strict vegan diets so as to be ask skinny as possible, because that's the body type Raniere prefers most sexually speaking.

He has sex with all of his followers and celebrates his birthday for a full week by having shows and performances played out especially for him by the other members of the organization.

Allison Mac got involved in this cult during her time in Smallville by the Smallville's main actress (who played Lois Lane) Kristin Kreuk!

Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult

She left the organization in 2012 after allegations of misconduct and criminal activity began coming out about the cult's practices.

Kristin is now said to be disgusted and horrified by the revelations of what this organization turned out to be and at the time is said to believe it was a self-help organization and nothing more. She, herself, experienced none of the branding nor sexual misconduct by Raniere or any other members.

Raniere is back in the US, being held without bail.

Allison Mack: Smallville actress second in command in a NXIVM sex cult
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  • azzntittiz
    I think my ex was trying to make me his second in command in something like this. There are plenty men whose dream it is to dominate women and make them sex slaves.

    Very often these men resort to settling for mediocre looking women not necessarily useful in the sack because if the nature of their activities, like weird fetishes so on. I broke up with him because he has strange requests was a liar who tried to make me think I agreed to things I didn't, wanted me to recruit young girls and pretended he wanted to help them, when I found out what he was about we stated to fight and I noticed why he was never sexual because most of these men are either impotent, which he wasn't but he knows nothing about sex, he was very lame and a waste of my time.

    I say this to make people who claim to hold on to sexual purity, that you might turn into a weird freak. I think that's what happened to him because he was a church goer.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • DamnMan
    OK, I'm trying to find out what criminal conduct was done when adults are giving consent to a sex cult. I hear sex trafficking, but sounds like they all had sex with the guy only. The branding is wrong, should have gotten them necklaces instead.

    Sounds like no pussy-getting dudes are mad about pussy-getting dudes.
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    • 0112358

      Well for one it’s alleged they used layer after layer of blackmail to get more blackmail material to get more and more control over people.

      They then used the blackmail material to extort sex, forced labour etc.

    • @0112358
      Yeah, very similar to Scientology.

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  • MysteriousDarkness
    This was news awhile back.
  • dandee55
    Is this an April Fool's thing?
    • dandee55

      There should be a requirement on this site that any claim like this needs to include a reliable source to back it up.

  • LegateLanius
    I'm not surprised that these cults exist.
  • Waffles731
    Wait what?
  • Josht14
    Why am I never invited to any sex cults?
  • Guy2809
    Any reliable source you can cite?