XXXTentacion's Instagram Live video. (+ Jimmy Wopo)


XXXTentacion's Instagram Live video. (+ Jimmy Wopo)

There has been a lot of arguing lately between people about whether X is really dead or not. The main reasoning for this arguing is that an Instagram video of Onfroy (X) claiming that he wasn't actually dead and that it is all just for a music video has resurfaced.

I am an avid X fan, and as much as I'd like to believe this, it's not true. The video of X claiming to be alive is an old video that he made regarding his "Look at me" music video. If you don't know about that video, go watch it. In that video, there was a clip of X hanging and people assumed from that image alone that he was actually dead. After that image got people all worked up, X created the IG video letting people know that he wasn't dead and it was just for his music video.

After the news of X being shot came to the light, that same video of X telling people that he wasn't actually dead resurfaced, but the sad truth is that it's old and doesn't apply to the current situation.

R.I.P. X, rest easy.

(P.S.) An up and coming artist by the name of Jimmy Wopo has also been pronounced dead on the same day. Wopo was reportedly gunned down in Pittsburgh.

R.I.P Jimmy Wopo.


Onfroy was only 20

Wopo was only 21

It's sad to see such young lives being destroyed by the evil of this world. Why can't rappers all just support each other? What's up with the beefing in this world

XXXTentacion's Instagram Live video. (+ Jimmy Wopo)
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