US Departs From UN Human Rights Council Equals the End of the US as We Once Knew Her: A Sad Farewell to Lady Liberty and Justice For All

Congrats for being the C of the Century
Congrats for being the C of the Century

I boggles my mind that this didn’t make news in the US like it did overseas. It was a punch line on late night. THE US IS NO LONGER THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. It’s been hedging away for a while since GW but we’ve gone full on Iron Currain, just wait.

It doesn't get much worse than abusing children seeking refuge and tearing infants from their mother’s breast.

Soon Americans will be the ones seeking asylum, or at least qualifying for asylum as this government strips away human rights and any true meaning of a republic or democracy.

Checks and balances but without absolute power corrupts absolutely, even the best of us, but especially the worst.

The media is already being sensored in many ways. But I was startled to discover that my podcast of Fresh Air, a NPR interview show, was nothing but dead air after the advertisement for their Thursday interview of a woman who wrote a book on the First Family. I heard parts of the show as it aired live but was relying on the podcast for the rest.

It is completely dead air, it has been sensored.

These “campaign” rallies Trump has for reelection even though he isn’t even two years into term, they proganda rallies, not campaign rallies. Look at Stalin, Hitler... they had these rallies.


what at is damaged cannot be undone, that is the only purpose. We have a president m, as Canada pointed out, not looking after the interest of his people.

I’m not going to say he is a foreign actor but only that he has officially broken ties with the world order and our allies since WWII.

That’s a lot for the US to give up for a whole lot of nothing. No take backs. The US is done. This is where it ends as a world power or anything to ever be taken seriously again.

I don’t want to hear about the military, no disrespect to those who serve. The point is that the US has a strong military to protect it’s position and allies.

Now former allies will build their own up, now that “we are on our own” as Angela Merkel put it.

My heart is truly broken by the depraved, degenerative and deplorable actions the US, as a government, has decided to take over the past few months.

How quickly the mighty have have fallen and how fragile freedom can be.

East Germany is also verbatim singing the same party line on immigrants and crime which are not backed by facts.

These messages being spread across the West come from one source and the message is the same.

Ask yourself if you can find one reason the President of the US would turn against Canada. Canada who sent troops to Afghanistan after 911 even though they weren’t attacked. Zero reason for the US to be fighting a trade war with Canada.

US Departs From UN Human Rights Council Equals the End of the US as We Once Knew Her: A Sad Farewell to Lady Liberty and Justice For All
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