Twenty One Days (My Poem about the Government Shutdown)

Twenty One Days (My Poem about the Government Shutdown)

It's been Twenty one days now
Since you left us high and dry
You're acting like a toddler

Who throws temper tantrums and cries

Thousands of loyal Americans
Trying to support our way
are feeling depressed and struggling
because you halted their pay

You want to declare a crisis
A crisis that is not real
while all your government workers
are worrying about their next meal

You went on primetime TV
To feed us bullshit lies
while the National Parks
Are gathering trash before our eyes

You blame them for the drugs
while the biggest threat in our borders
I don't see how
you even get any voters

For twenty one days now
you held America hostage
so f*** you Donald Trump
and your tiny little sausage.

You said you want a wall

And Mexico was gonna pay

But it's us who's paying

It's been over twenty one days.


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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well the poem certainly gives me an idea of what you think of Trump... is that what the majority of Americans think too? if so how the hell did Trump become President of the United States?😊

    • The Electoral College. Trump lost the popular vote.

    • @Morgan2021 popular vote is irrelevant. No one cares about. It’s been the same for years. Many have won the popular vote to never be president and some have lost it and never became president
      No link means nothing

      It’s all about the electoral college votes

Most Helpful Guys

  • Yes but it’s not Trump that’s causing the shut down it’s chuck and Pelosi

    To deny protection of Americans is unacceptable. They cannot be allowed to do that

    Trump will not stop until we are fully safe. The shutdown is a small price to pay. 800k workers vs 300 million Americans minus the illegals


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What Girls Said 3

  • I really enjoyed it until you mentioned his wiener lol somehow made it seem very immature. But good job, good writing. Good message.

  • Agreed

  • Great poem


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