The Arrest of George Floyd & The Riots that Resulted

The Arrest of George Floyd & The Riots that Resulted

First off like me say I'm no racist. I grew up intercity. I have friends from all walks of life, from many different ethnicities (and have even been invited to their home countries such as India), and don't care about one's skin tone, religion, etc. as long as you're a decent person.

The Arrest

And what happened to George Floyd was terrible. Inexcusable. That man was held down for apparently 7 to 10 minutes, in handcuffs, with a guy on his back pressing down. Restricting his breathing. Even after an off duty firefighter demanded that this cop/the others check Floyd's pulse.

He was been arrested for a suspected crime (he may have a criminal background). The police said he resisted. Video evidence shows he passively resisted arrest. Does that warrant his treatment? Not by a long shot. Not even close.

Worse there were apparently 12 complaints about this cop's behavior in the past. Why he was still allowed to work is anyone's guess. God knows how many other people he was abused when he blatantly did not care he was been recorded. This includes his wife & children if he has any, neighbors and/or weaker/senior relatives not just people he's arrested.

Hopefully, he will be charged with murder - and he won't survive any more than 6 months in the general population - and the others who are guilty by doing nothing with manslaughter.

The Riots

Again I am no racist but I do not understand the mentality of African-Americans to do this. Why riot, why loot?

Do they think they're the only oppressed minority? If so they should go spend some time in the hispanic areas of some cities to learn a thing or two about reality and that when the rose-colored glasses come off they (African-Americans) are not that special.

Do they think they're the only once enslaved people in the US? If so they should go to school and learn something about history. The Chinese that helped build the railways, they were just a step above outright slavery. There were Irish that were shipped to the US in cages, really, because they were indentured servants or outright slaves. When the rose-colored glasses come off they (African-Americans) are not that special.

Where do they think rioting, damaging property, looting & stealing helps them? Do they think it helps with the law-obeying image?

And it is always about a criminal that they riot. Always. Floyd was a criminal. The kid in Ferguson (2014) was a criminal. Rodney King (1992) was a criminal.

They rarely if not never riot if a law obeying black man or woman is murdered by police. Even if it is a terrible case of mistaken identity - like the guy in NY I believe who was shot what some 20 times or the like reaching for his wallet - there is never any riot.

Rioting & committing crimes over a criminal. The irony. People who are diehard racists must watch such scenes with glee, laugh & say to their friends, family, neighbors - see I told you them blacks were animals.

The Arrest of George Floyd & The Riots that Resulted
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