Everything you should know about what really is happening in the George Floyd Riots!


Here are the reports of damage or looting In Minneapolis and two other cities in Minnesota during George Floyd riots:

Everything you should know about what really is happening in the George Floyd Riots!

– Williams Uptown Pub & Peanut Bar: Property damage.
– Iron Door Pub: Fire damage
– Speedway LynLake: Extensive fire damage.
– Family Dollar 36th & Nicollet: Extensive fire damage.
– O'Reilly's Auto Parts 36th and Nicollet: Extensive fire damage.
– Fade Factory Barber Shop: Extensive fire damage.
– Hibachi Grill on Lake Street: Fire damage.
– Wells Fargo 31st and Nicollet: Property damage, fire.
– Commercial building at 27th and East Lake: Extensive fire damage.
– USPS at 31st Street and 1st Avenue: Extensive fire damage and looting.
– Shell Gas Station Park and Lake: Property damage, fire, and looting.
– Migizi Communications 27th Avenue South: Destroyed by fire.
– Olympic Cafe West Broadway: Destroyed by fire.
– Metro by T-Mobile West Broadway: Fire damage.
– Lyndale Tobacco at 722 W. Lake St: Property damage.
– Paper Source Uptown: Property damage and looting.
– Everett’s Foods on 38th and Cedar: Property damage and looting.
– El Nuevo Rodeo Restaurante East Lake Street: Destroyed in fire.
– Holiday 36th and Cedar: Broken windows and looting.
– Matt's Bar 35th and Cedar: Broken window
– Subway at 36th and Cedar: broken windows.
– E&L Supermarket and Deli on Lowry Ave: Property damage.
– Nguyen Architects 26th and 27th: Destroyed in fire.
– Pantry Food Market 52nd Ave N and Bryant Ave. N: Property damage and looting.
– O'Reilly Auto Parts 35th and Nicollet: Property damage.
– The Hub Bike Co-op: Property damage.
– Family Dollar 35th and Nicollet: Property damage.
– Pat's Tap 35th and Nicollet: Property damage.
– B-Squad Vintage 35th and Nicollet: Property damage.
– Tibet Store: Property damage.
– Speedway 35th and Nicollet: Property damage.
– Casablanca Foods 33rd and Nicollet: Property damage.
– Valerie's 32nd and Nicollet: Property damage.
– A Automall Inc. East Lake: Property damage, vehicles stolen.
– Speedway at 60th and Portland: Property damage.
– Broadway Clinic North Minneapolis: Property damage.
– Juxtaposition Arts North Emerson: Property damage.
– Sew Simple Nicollet and 24th: Property damage, looting.
– Park and Lake Car Wash on East Lake Street Windows broken, graffiti and some interior damage.
– Park-Nicollet Minneapolis Clinic: Property damage.
– Arby's Lake Street: Destroyed by fire.
– K-Mart Lake Street: Property damage.
– Penzey's Spices Uptown: Property damage, looting.
– Walgreens Hennepin and 27th: Property damage.
– Midori's Floating World Cafe Lake Street: Fire damage.
– GM Tobacco Lake and 27th: Fire damage.
– McDonald's Lake and 31st: Property damage.
– Walgreens Central and Lowry in Northeast: Property damage.
– Wells Fargo Lake Street: Fire and property damage.
– Ladditude Tattoo Lake and 27th: Fire damage.
– LV's Barbershop Lake and 27th: Fire damage.
– The Hub Bike Co-op Minnehaha and 30th: Property damage.
– J-Klips Lake Street: Property damage.
– 5 Guys Hennepin and 24th: Property damage.
– Holiday Hennepin and 25th: Property damage.
– Honda Town Lake and 43rd: Property damage.
– Tires Plus Lake and 34th: Property damage.
– Hennepin County Human Service Center: Property damage.
– ICC Wireless Lake Street: Property damage.
– Jackson Hewitt Tax Service: Property damage.
– Little Caesars Lake Street: Fire and property damage.
– Teppanyaki Grill Lake Street: Fire and property damage.
– Home Choice Lake Street: Fire and property damage.
– Dollar General Lake Street: Extensive fire damage.
– Twin Lake Dental: Fire and property damage.
– HD Laundry Lake Street: Fire and property damage.
– Citi Trends Lake Street: Fire and property damage.
– Total Wireless Lake Street: Fire and property damage.
– Pineda Tacos Lake Street: Property damage.
– Subway Lake Street: Property damage.
– 7 Mile Fashion Express East Lake Street: Destroyed by fire
– The Fremont Bar Uptown: Property damage, looting.
– O'Reilly Auto Parts West Broadway: Extensive fire damage.
– Broadway Liquor Outlet West Broadway: Property damage, looting.
– Quality Tobacco Lake and 1st: Extensive fire damage.
– Skol Liquor Store 27th Avenue: Property damage, looting.
– Max-It Pawn Shop Cedar Avenue: Extensive fire damage.
– Minnehaha Liquor Lake Street: Property damage, looting, extensive fire damage.
– Hexagon Bar at E 26th and 27th: Extensive fire damage.
– Target Lake Street: Looting, graffiti, property damage, fire damage.
– Wendy's Lake Street: Fire, destroyed.
– AutoZone Lake Street: Fire, destroyed.
– Cub Foods Lake Street: Looting, property damage, fire damage.
– 7-Sigma building, 26th and 29th: Fire, extensive damage.
– Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct: Destroyed by fire.
– Dollar Tree off Lake Street: Property damage, looting.
– Metro by T-Mobile Lake Street: Fire, extensive damage.
– Hi Lake Liquor: Property damage, looting.
– Speedway East Lake Street: Property damage.
– East Lake Library: Windows smashed, graffiti.
– Precision Tune Auto Care Lake Street: Property damage.
– U.S. Bank Lake Street: Property damage, graffiti.
– Dairy Queen East Lake Street: Property damage.
– Papa Murphy's Pizza East Lake Street: Property damage.
– Planet Fitness on Lake: Property damage.
– Domino's Pizza 26th and 28th: Property damage.
– Urban Forage Winery and Cider House, Lake and 29th: Property damage, looting.
– Gandhi Mahal Restaurant, 27th and Lake: Window smashed.
– Car-X Tire & Auto East Lake Street: Property damage, vehicle smashed through windows.
– Frattelone's Ace Hardware East Lake Street: Property damage.
– MN Transitions Charter School: Property damage.
– Laundro Max East Lake Street: Window smashed.
– Soderberg's Floral & Gift East Lake Street: Property damage.
– East Lake Clinic: Property damage.
– Seward Pharmacy: Window smashed, graffiti.
– Electra Tune Auto Care on Lake St: Property damage, vehicle stolen.
– Walgreens at 43rd and Chicago: Property damage, looting.
– Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits, Hiawatha Ave: Property damage, looting.
– Schooner's Tavern, barbershop next door: Fire, property damage.
– Seward Co-op, 28th and Franklin: Window smashed, attempted theft of ATM.
– Midtown Global Market: Property damage, looting.
– Briva Health Lake Street: Window smashed.
– Foot Locker East Lake Street: Property damage, looting.
– BMO Harris East Lake Street: Property damage.
– TCF Bank at 38th and Minnehaha: Property damage.
– Studiiyo23 Hennepin Avenue, Uptown: Property damage, looting.
– DTLR, Broadway, North Minneapolis: Property damage, looting.
– Uptown Pawn: Property damage, looting.
– La Familia Skate Shop: Property damage.
– Target Uptown: Property damage, looting.
– Chicago & Lake Liquor: Property damage, looting.
– East Lake Liquor: Property damage, looting.
– Ingebretsens on Lake: Property damage, windows smashed.
– Freewheel Bike: Property damage, windows smashed.
– Hamdi Restaurant, Midtown: Property damage, graffiti.
– Hudson's Hardware, East 42nd Street: Property damage and looting.
– Birchwood Cafe, East 25th Street: Property damage.
– CVS Uptown: Property damage, looting.
– Timberland Uptown: Property damage, looting.
– Sunnys Wigs 29th and Lyndale: Property damage.
– Thurston Jewelers West Lake Street: Property damage.
– Banadir Pharmacy West Lake Street: Property damage and looting
– Sephora Uptown: Property damage.
– Gamestop Uptown: Property damage, looting.
– Indulge and Bloom, Uptown: Property damage.
– H&M Uptown: Windows smashed.
– Apple Store Uptown: Windows smashed., looting.
– Urban Outfitters Uptown: Door window smashed.
– Smokeless Northeast: Vandalized, closed till further notice.
– AutoZone at 501 West Broadway, North Minneapolis: Unconfirmed report of looting, property damage
– Buzzmart, downtown Minneapolis: Property damage.
– Town Talk Diner, Lake Street: Extensive property damage.
– Bondesque: Property damage.

In St. Paul

Everything you should know about what really is happening in the George Floyd Riots!

– Turf Club: Property damage.
– Great Health Nutrition: Looting.
– Gordon Parks High School: Property damage.
– Trader Joe's St. Paul: Property damage, looting.
– A1 Lock Service on Snelling: Property damage
– Holiday Station at Wabasha and Plato: Property damage and looting.
– Gold'n Treasures on Grand Ave: Property damage and looting.
– Speedway at Grand and Cleveland: Extensive fire damage.
– T-Mobile at Excelsior and Grand: Property damage, looting.
– 1st Grand Avenue Liquors on Grand and Milton: Property damage, looting.
– Foot Locker Midway: Extensive fire damage.
– GameStop Midway: Extensive fire damage, looting.
– To New York Midway: Property damage.
– Peking Garden Midway: Property damage.
– Lloyd's Pharmacy Snelling and Minnehaha: Destroyed by fire.
– Target Midway: Property damage, looting.
– CVS University Avenue: Property damage, looting.
– Max It Pawn Shop University Avenue: Property damage, looting.
– Verizon Store Hamline Avenue: Property damage.
– Noodles & Co Hamline Avenue: Property damage.
– Vitamine Shoppe Hamline Avenue: Property damage.
– Big Top Liquors Midway: Property damage.
– TJ Maxx Midway: Property damage, small fire.
– Sprint store Midway: Property damage, looting.
– Midway Tobacco Outlet Plus: Property damage
– NAPA Auto Parts University Avenue: Property damage, fire.
– T-Mobile on Arcade and York: Property damage, looting.
– LeeAnn Chinn Midway: Property damage, graffiti.
– America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses Midway: Property damage, graffiti.
– Furniture Barn Midway: Property damage, graffiti, fire.
– BP on University Avenue: Property damage.
– Walgreens on Randolph and Snelling: Property damage, looting.
– Discount Tire Co. Midway: Property damage.
– O'Reilly Auto Parts Lexington: Property damage, fire.
– TCF Bank Lexington and University: Property damage.
– Lululemon Grand Avenue: Property damage, looting.
– Speedway University Ave: Property damage, fire.
– Ananya Dance Theater University Ave: Property damage.
– Springboard for the Arts University Ave: Property damage, fire.
– 7-Mile Sportwear University Ave: Property damage, looting.
– Fire n Ice Chicken: Property damage.
– Liquor Barrel on West 7th: Property damage, looting.
– Moellers Jewelry, Highland: Property damage.
– The Fixery, Highland: Property damage.
– Bole Ethiopian Restaurant: Fire.
– Enterprise University Avenue: Fire.
– Goodwill: Property damage.

In Twin Cities suburbs

Everything you should know about what really is happening in the George Floyd Riots!

– Sun Ray Shopping Center, in Maplewood: Property damage and looting.
– Target Maplewood: Property damage and looting.
– The Jewelers Saint Anthony: Property damage.
– GameStop Brooklyn Center: Property damage, looting.
– Walmart Brooklyn Center: Property damage, looting
– T-Mobile Store Brooklyn Center: Property damage.
– Family Dollar Brooklyn Center: Property damage.
– Walgreens 63rd and Brooklyn Blvd., Brooklyn Center: Property damage.
– Western Service Center, Apple Valley: Property, fire, and water damage

Peaceful demonstrators

Everything you should know about what really is happening in the George Floyd Riots!

Peaceful demonstrators observe a moment of silence outside the U.S. Bank Stadium during the fourth day of protests after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. May 29, 2020.

Everything you should know about what really is happening in the George Floyd Riots!
Everything you should know about what really is happening in the George Floyd Riots!
Everything you should know about what really is happening in the George Floyd Riots!

Not so peaceful demonstrators


What Happened?

Across the country, protesters took to the streets for a fourth day to express their anger over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a Minneapolis police officer kept his knee pressed into his neck for more than eight minutes.

Former police officer Derek Michael Chauvin was arrested Friday in Minneapolis on charges of third-degree murder and manslaughter in connection with Floyd's death.

Everything you should know about what really is happening in the George Floyd Riots!
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    Two nights in a row they have destroyed many businesses here in Richmond, Virginia. There was a bicycle shop that had been in business for 10 years and looters stole every single bike in the store. They even stole bikes that were being worked on. The owner said that they will never be able to reopen. I commented on an FB post that the looting was wrong and I had someone who had the balls to say that the destruction was because it was what was in people's hearts and minds. Well that couldn't be further from the truth because these people who worked in these businesses have lost their jobs. In my opinion our worthless governor should have called in the Natural Guard. I guarantee if this looting happened in a 3rd world country these shop owners would have defended what was there's and these people would have been shot.
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  • pepper1993
    It's almost like people just want a reason to riot and loot... I don't even understand what the "official reason" for all the uproar even is, I mean they are charging the officers involved are they not? And rightfully so. But apparently people are just really really looking for reasons to be assholes...
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  • YHL6965
    I love how they riot and protest even when the guy was arrested, allwhile there is a freaking pandemic going on...
    • Not only arrested he has been charged with Murder!

    • YHL6965

      @genuinlysensitive Yeah, case solved and justice served so I don't know what the problem is.

    • goaded

      Shouldn't the other three cops have tried to stop a murder happening in front of them? Isn't that the sort of thing they're supposed to do? You get fired for turning up to work drunk; standing by while one of your collegues kills a man is somewhat more serious.

      And justice requires a conviction, not just an arrest.

      Police departments across the country are showing how to handle these protests - they're publically agreeing with the protesters that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.

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  • OfDeath
    Wow. That's some fucked up shit.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Great take
  • goaded
    Did you miss out the attacks on people?
    • WarAmongUS

      Nope this was made before all that started getting called on by the media

    • WarAmongUS

      Go look at my daily questions...

  • Anonymous
    Key events that sum up this year so far, are the death of Kobe Bryant, Covid-19 Global pandemic, and now George Floyd.