Are mixed-gender dorm rooms a good idea?

Are mixed-gender dorm rooms a good idea?
With the push for gender equality and acceptance within the last decade, more and more colleges have have been offering mixed-gender dorm rooms.

About two dozen schools — like Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Oberlin College, Clark University, and the California Institute of Technology allow the gender-blind room arrangements. They say this creates a gender neutral environment and is a further step towards equality.

Many people are against the idea rather than for it, saying that it would be uncomfortable, and would create unnecessary sexual tension... Others are for it, and like these colleges are claiming, are saying that it's a push towards equality.

Would you be comfortable rooming with a person of the opposite sex? Why or why not?
Yes, they are a good idea.
No, they are a bad idea.
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I agree with the argument that it would create sexual tension, and I just wouldn't feel comfortable in that situation so I would say no to this. As a almost college freshman, I would either want my own dorm or to room with another girl. Lol.
Are mixed-gender dorm rooms a good idea?
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