Should this bodybuilder get more time in jail?

A BODY-BUILDER who lured men to his home by posing as a woman and then grossly assaulted them will be free before Christmas.
Should this bodybuilder get more time in jail?

Peter Valsamakis, 42, was jailed for 18 months for procuring sex through fraud and sexual assault by fooling at least five victims between September 2012 and April 2017.

But with time already served, Valsamakis will be free by the end of October.

Valsamakis was a bodybuilding, drug taking sex worker who was servicing up to 30 men a week when he decided to lure men by posing as an older woman called “Michelle” or “Viv” in online sex advertisements who was seeking “toy boys.”.

As part of the elaborate scam, the victims were told to enter Valsamakis’ unlocked Port Melbourne home, undress, put on a blind fold, sit on a couch and then shout “I’m ready”.

The victims - all of whom were young men in their 20s - were then subjected to gross violations - with one enduring an assault for 20 minutes before realising he had been duped.

One took his blindfold off during the assault to discover Valsamakis performing a sex act dressed in a pair of pink speedo briefs.

Another assaulted Valsamakis after discovering his true identity.

County Court Judge Patricia Riddell said the victims were traumatised young men “who had placed themselves in a vulnerable position” and suffered an enduring “sense of violation”.

“You were involved in a toxic cycle of drug use and sex work,” Judge Riddell said.

A psychologist’s report found Valsamakis was ashamed of his offending and was likely to be rehabilitated.

Since being held in custody, Valsamakis has been assaulted, propositioned and placed in a protection unit for his own safety.

Judge Riddell accepted he had been shunned by his family and community because of his sexuality.

Valsamakis was jailed for 18 months and will be placed on a two-year Community Corrections Order when he is released.
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Should this bodybuilder get more time in jail?
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