¿Do you know about this horrible animal abuse case?


His name is Matías Vera Oyarzún, 15 years old, he is from southern Chile. He calls himself "Peluchin Entertainment" on YouTube. He kills his cat with kicks, stomped, stamped on him wall and torture him cruelly. The video is circulated throughout the internet, but yes, the video is extremely strong and hard to see, so I recommend you not to see it or discretion. In real life he harassed classmates , he got into lawsuits, he masturbated live.

PD: In the last video he says that his cat died of an accident and they had to sacrifice it, but do not believe him, it's a lie.

And worst of all: he had adopted 2 new little kittens of different sexes, he puts one in a toilet with excrement, is very disgusting.

Almost all YouTube Latinos and Spaniards have spoken about this user and I have not seen anyone speaking English who talked about him.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MatiasVeraOyarzo

¿Do you know about this horrible animal abuse case?
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