Are you a 'stasher', a 'paperclipper' or a 'breadcrumber'?

Introducing 3 trending/viral annoying social media and dating phenomena that are occurring right now:
(I didn't make these up. I read an article about them.)
Are you a stasher, a paperclipper or a breadcrumber?
Stashing is when someone dates someone, and seems happy enough to spend time with them one-on-one, but they never introduce them to their friends or family.
More often than not, their social media profiles don't show any evidence that they exist.
Ex: "It's been 2 months and I haven't met a single one of his/her friends yet. I think he's/she's stashing me!"
Are you a stasher, a paperclipper or a breadcrumber?
Remember ol Clippy
Remember ol' Clippy
Paperclipping is when a person pops up, now and then, for no particular reason, but on their own schedule, you never know when; there's an inherent flakiness to the person, as they come and go as they please.
Someone has you on the backburner. They'll reach out - not in an attempt to see you, or move things forward, - but to restoke the flame and make sure you're still an option.
"Truth is, I'm flaky, damaged, and I like the attention, I'm not particularly interested in you, but I don't want you to forget I exist."
The name originates from 'Clippy', the Microsoft Office animated paperclip character.
Are you a stasher, a paperclipper or a breadcrumber?
Breadcrumbing is the act of dropping enticing little digital "breadcrumbs" (texts, whatsapps, comments, stories, etc. on social media posts) in order to make sure that the breadcrumber remains on the radar of the breadcrumbee.
Sort of like, "Heeeere, kitty, kitty, kitty... I have something for you..."

So, which one (s) are you most likely to do?
I'm a stasher.
I'm a paperclipper.
I'm a breadcrumber.
I do all 3.
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Are you a 'stasher', a 'paperclipper' or a 'breadcrumber'?
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