Its November 9th , who controls the house and Senate?

Its November 9th , who controls the house and Senate?
Also, give me how many seats Democrats or Republicans will have majority.

I think Republicans do take control of House and Senate. House up 30 seats and Senate up 3 seats. It would be more but it is easy to change votes with those electronic voting machines. Also , Democrats got by with it in 2020 , so you know they will cheat again.
Democrats the House and Republicans the Senate
Democrats The Senate and the House Republicans
Democrats control both because of guns and abortion
Republicans control both because economy is getting worse, empty stores , and high gas prices
Who cares? I am not voting but I will sure complain a lot
I am not American , so I can't vote
I am not American , but Republicans will control both House and Senate because Democrats are destroying the economy there and taking rights away from the people.
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If Democrats keep both , we know without doubt they cheated with an economy worse than Jimmy Carter. If they keep House or Senate but not both then Republican party is through because if you can't win with what is going on now, you can't ever win. If it is because Democrats cheated , then they let it happen and they will look very weak. It is critical for Republicans to win both , so Trump can win Presidential race for the 3rd time and not have impeachment hearings every 2 weeks.
Its November 9th , who controls the house and Senate?
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