Why Do We Need One Valentines Day a Year?

The nearer valentines day come, the more your wondering what to do or what to get, but everyday is valentines day remember! I'm not saying don't celebrate this day, but just remember there are other days in the year also!

Why Do We Need One Valentines Day a Year?

Personally I think it's quite unrealistic to have just one day where you go all out to show whoever why you love them. As I'm in a relationship it might just be easier for me to say I love valentines day but I've always got that question in my head on why do people take this one day so seriously compared to all the other days in the year. For those that are in a relationship also, aren't you in a relationship that you've always wanted, that your happy in? Do you really need this one day to only demonstrate the love just for the year?

"Some reasons why Valentines day can be celebrated every day of the year"

- Point of Relationship

Make sure you and your partner are on the same page of what you are both getting from this relationship, are you both in it for short term or long term? There should be a vision or at least dreams of what you expect from your life together.

- Accepting your Partner in Crime

There's gotta be a reason why you fell for this person, there's truly no one in the world that can be or come close to being them. Individually we all have our own unique gifts and traits.

- Resolving difficulties

Every single relationship has conflict and this actually strengthens your relationship when you accept the responsibility with what is at stake. Stop blaming and start communicating. Never go to sleep without having a smile on your face does the trick!

- Past

We all have a past, many parts of it that we want forgotten and within a relationship that is needed. Forget the details of your partners past and work on the future and whats within. There was something that attracted you together, so no point trying to pick and pull all the wrong.


It's a relationship! Not a meeting! This is your partner, the one that brings that smile on your face. Spend time with each other whenever you can, and have the same commitment that you felt from day one when you started dating. The littlest thing you do, can mean the absolute world!

Why Do We Need One Valentines Day a Year?

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  • Valentine's Day is a great day to unwind and simply celebrate because it celebrates feelings of endearment :) Great Take!


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