Valentine's Day Gift: The Practical Man's Guide For What to Get Your Future Wife (Satire)

1. Cleaning Appliance

You can't go wrong with something she can use around the home every day such as a vacuum.

2. Cooking Classes

With so many women these days unable to cook even those the most basic of meals this could be very helpful long term in your marriage, so many young women have the notion they won't have to learn as the can order in or eat out this gift will serve as a very major hint.

3. Sewing and knitting lessons

This will be useful when you need a button sewn on. Knitting will also be a good productive hobby for her and if your lucky she will make some wholly jumpers, hats and scarves for the winter. Be aware she will knit a lot of baby clothes.

4. Washer, Drier, Iron

So many young women are under the impression that it's inexpensive to send your clothes to the dry cleaner when the opposite is true. Why pay a fortune when it can be done cheaper at home.

5. Lessons in taking care of babies

So many young women have no clue about childrearing unlike years ago when girls helped out mothers and relatives.

You might be better off taking her to a relative or a friend with a baby. If she's unwilling to learn that could be a red flag gentlemen.

6. Good Housekeeping

A subscription could help give her the tips and advice she needs to be a goodifficult future wife and mother if she hasn't been getting it at home.

7. Gym Membership

Seems like when a girl gets herself a good man she gets lazy and will start letting herself go. A gym membership will encourage her to stay fit and in shape which is good for her health. It also tells her that you don't want her to become overweight and unhealthy.

8. Blowjob lessons and how to please a man

Too many lazy women these days make no effort in bed and will lay there letting you do all the work and many are unwilling to give blowjobs jobs. A good marraige requires a good sex life and you will be glad you got her this as she practices on you.

9. How to be a good wife manual

There are many books on the subject but I suggest you get something that has a Christian theme about a woman’s role in a marriage as many women see themselves as the next Kim Kardashian or have been influenced by radical feminism.

10. Take her to see a game

She wants to spend more time with you and share your passions so why not see a game or take her to a NASCAR race.

11. Take her to your church

I don't know many girls that wouldn’t be happy to be introduced and shown around to her man's local community, friends and family or at the very least know that her man is proud of her and wanuts to show her off. (Works as well if your non-Christian).

12. Put a ring on her finger

The best thing you can get a girl you intend to marry on Valentines is an engagement ring.

Disclaimer: This is just my advice and I accept no responsibility for any negative effects caused by following my advice.


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