5 Valentines Day Activities For Couples and Singles!

5 Valentines Day Activities For Couples and Singles!

Valentines Day is a special day for all of the lovely couples in the world, even if you haven't found that special someone in your life don't worry! There is still time! :) Here is some group activities to make Valentines Day fun for you and your special someone, whether it is a loving couple or just a group of good friends.

1. Go to the Movie Theater

Movies can bring people together, even create a fun atmosphere for you and the people around you! :) The movie theater can be a perfect place to snuggle next to a loved one and watch a romantic movie, or even a fun action movie! Haven't found that special someone? Go check out what new movies are playing in your local area and invite friends to come along with you. Enjoy the day with a relaxing brand new movie you've been dying to watch!

2. Play a Game

Games can help a relationship with a healthy competitive competition, whether it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, or even a best friend. Games can be fun for a wide variety of people, you could set up a game night and have all of your friends come with their games and just relax for the night. Video games, board games, etc. As long as you have someone to share it with then it will be a fun day for everyone!

3. Go Outside and Find Something You Want to Do

It's not hard to find a fun activity outside, just be outside and enjoy the day with that super special person in your life, talk to each other, laugh, enjoy each others company! Maybe plan a picnic at your local park, invite some friends to make your special day that much more exciting and fun! Go for a swim at a local water park, catch tickets to your favourite band! Just enjoy the great outdoors with the people that makes you happy!

4. Decorate and be Creative

It's a holiday so cheer up! Make a card to someone you love and let them know how much you care about them. :) Girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, etc. It doesn't matter because Valentines Day doesn't have to be solely about couples in life. Instead of being sad that you don't have a special someone in your life be grateful you have loving family and friends that will always care about you. Showing them how much you love them with a handcrafted present is a great way to show how much these people mean to you! :)

5. Netflix

Even if Valentines Day isn't really your thing, Netflix will always be there for you through thick and thin! Catch up on your favourite shows, spend some time with friends and watch a cool movie or a funny TV show. Why not cuddle up with your special someone on the couch or in the bed and enjoy each others company over a good show? :p Just relax, Netflix and chill. :)

Thank you so much for reading! :) Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!


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  • Cook a meal together !!


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  • Dunno. I'm single atm so it's hard to get into that mindset lol.

    • Well, it wouldn't hurt to find something fun to do with a friend! :) I totally know what you mean though. XD.

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    • Aww.. now I'm kinda sympathetic. XD. :) I'll be your friend. ;)

    • Ok lol. Friends are like surfing. You have to constantly make new ones as the old ones get boring. But even that gets boring at some point. I tell you what really matters. Pepsi. Pepsi never gets old.

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