Being Single This Valentine's Day


A lot of the single ones (including me) it seems, are having a hard time coping with being unattached on the one day of the year devoted to love.

Lets talk about how we can survive being single this Valentine's Day!

Let's embrace being Single!!!
Let's embrace being Single!!!

We imagine that everyone else is in a loving, committed relationship, or at least that they're out there, having a ton of fun dating, while we're alone in front of the TV in our fuzzy slippers plowing through a tub of popcorn.

You're not single because of any inadequacies or shortcomings within you.

Sure, it's great to meet that special someone and have their love and support day in and day out, but that isn't always possible, especially in this age of increasing isolation and alienation.

These days, a lot of us might be spending more of our time unattached than in a committed relationship, and for those people who find themselves alone on Valentine's Day, I offer up a few suggestions.

Being single is not a disease.

It doesn't help if you put yourself down for not having a date on this night. You're not a "loser" or a "failure" if you haven't found love.

Often, finding that special someone is just the luck of the draw. Instead of beating yourself up for being unattached, try to put things in perspective. Think about all the good things you have in your life and be grateful for those.

There's no substitute for self-love.

When you nurture yourself, you feel fulfilled. Sure, you might still want a partner, but at least you won't feel like you desperately need one. And, when you're filled with self-love, you'll be walking around feeling complete.

With self-love, you won't feel the burning need for someone else to compensate for the lack of love in your life. If you do meet someone, your relationship will be based on caring and sharing, rather than needing the other person to fill a void inside you.

Single And Happy!!!
Single And Happy!!!

Being desperate always backfires.

Desperation makes you jump at the first person you see, rather than waiting for the right person to come along. Love, even a real connection, isn't something you can force.

You may or may not someday find the love of your life, but it won't happen by trying too hard. Live your best life and be your best self and if the person of your dreams is out there, they may very well find you.

Rediscover the artist within you.

We were all creative as kids; it's just that some of us forgot how great it is to create. Doing art of any type is going to be incredibly uplifting and meaningful. Art is something that you can do just for yourself.

Being creative is empowering because doing art makes you happy. And, if you gain some mastery, other people will likely want to write, dance or play music with you. Creative collaborations may or may not lead to love, but they're fantastically fun.

Value your friends and family.

You have people in your life, right now, who love and accept you unconditionally, and who'll be there for you whenever you need them.

You may not have a romantic partner, but you do have love in your life. Be grateful for these relationships and put energy into keeping them strong, and you'll feel a lot less lonely on Valentine's Day.

Being Single This Valentine's Day

Giving love fills you with love

Being a kind, caring, generous person will bring you fulfillment and a deeper sense of connection with others. Altruism is extremely rewarding. Always. You may or may not find your soul-mate while you're out there giving to others, but your life will be rich and filled with joy and meaning.

[Hey guys, I've felt terrible for being single for almost as long as I remember and I feel like, his is a topic people should talk about. Let's not forget about the single people out there, right? And also, with this take I've finally ended the period of being inactive on G@G! Enjoy Lovelies!]

All love,

Angelina25 <3


Being Single This Valentine's Day
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  • Burgerboy21

    Well I really want someone to spend Valentine's Day with.
    But ironically just yesterday I rejected someone. I felt like she wasn't a good fit for me. But I kind of feel bad because she was a good person and I can tell she'll have a very hard time finding love. I will too. I always have my whole life. But I think she has it worse.

    Anyway, I've only spent one Valentine's Day in a relationship and I can easily say it was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had because I was in love with that person. And goddamn I want to feel that again.
    But at the same time I know it won't happen with just anyone so I'm impatiently waiting for that special someone to finally come into my life!

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  • Anonymous

    If you have to keep telling yourself you're single by choice

    then you're probably not single by choice...

    People who are actually happy with themselves genuinely are not stressed about Valentines Day. They don't love it or hate it. They just don't care. You people who are obsessed with it are just revealing your own insecurities.

    I don't hate Valentines Day. I just hate people who keep bringing it up. Most people I know who are happy in life never talk about it. They are too busy doing meaningful things in life. Y'all have way too much free time if this shit is on your mind so much.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Allie_Oops

    I'm just going to do what I've done every year of my life since I've never had anyone to celebrate Valentine's Day with. Order pizza, buy my own chocolate, and play video games and watch movies with my dog. Maybe this year I'll even splurge and get some wine.

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    • chris_987

      Valentine’s Day never even crosses my mind unless I’m in a relationship so why should it bother you if your single

  • TacosRAwesome

    Better single and hopeful than taken and disappointed.

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  • coachTanthony

    Valentines Day Plan:

    1. Breakfast in Bed
    2. Chocolates
    3. Watch movie
    4. Dinner for two
    5. Regret eating two dinners

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  • CoffeeWC

    being single doesn't bother me as my mind is occupied with other things

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  • spunkygiraffe

    I'm single, in 6th grade, my friend had a boyfriend who snuck a box of chocolates into her locker on Valentine's Day. We didn't have locks then, it wasn't allowed for some reason. She was weirded out, but I wish I had somebody to give me free candy! :)

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  • Guanfei

    Can we please cut the crap and stop this?

    No, being single on V-Day isn't positive, it's not good, it's not an "occasion to rediscover yourself".
    You're alone. Either because no one wanted you, or because someone broke up with you. There is nothing positive about it. And whatever you do, nothing can erase the fact that you're alone.
    I won't be happy about it because there is no happiness in knowing that, once again, no one wanted me and while others are happy sharing the life of someone they love, all I have is my sorry ass and that overwhelming certitude that no one loves me. I'm tired of relativizing my situation, of trying to pretend it's ok. It's fucking not ok. I'm tired of people telling me it's ok to be single sometimes. That's easy for you to say that when you can change it whenever you want. I can't change it, I'm not single by choice. This isn't fair. I'm not worse than anyone else, I never did anything bad, never committed a crime, or hurt someone on purpose.
    I'm tired of being alone. Really, really tired. Tired of having no one to talk to, no one to hug and cuddle, no one I can ask about her day.

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    • If you're so sure it's "not okay" to be single, then go do something about it. All those people in relationships are just single people who got fed up being single and did something about it.

  • godfatherfan

    Uggg. Why do you women put so much into a made up day of the year? Seriously. I fonking can't stand Valentine's day. Such a bullshit scam. The far majority of guys out there don't give a shit about it.

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  • gentlemanscholar

    Thank you, for your delightful article. I found it encouraging to read your perspective on singleness, along with your helpful hints and insights on being single this Valentine's Day.
    Kindest regards,

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  • Lman3000

    I don't know what nonsense this post is on about, I'm well prepared for that this day, single life ain't that bad

    Being Single This Valentine's Day
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  • Browneye57

    Consider that you could work on what it is that you could develop that would be considered high value in a relationship. My guess is you've never really done that. You simply think you DESERVE something, deserve to be happy, deserve to have a chance. The reality is that it just doesn't work like that. A high value guy is going to expect it.

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  • Pejtu

    Stop lying to people especially to girls
    If u are single u know u hate it but u pretend u like it and we all know its a lie and u are jelous of any girl tha u see on the stret with her boyfriend holding her hand or kissing

    I know this from many sources but girls most of the time say things they dont actually mean when they are afraid to tell the truth

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  • AlexEfron

    1. Self love is gay
    2. I don't care about relationships, couples, singles, singles dating their hands - NONE
    🙂 I'm happy the way I am

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  • AynonOMouse

    The best part about being single on Valentine's Day is I don't have someone that does nothing for me but gets angry if I don't do/give her enough on that day since I am the man and apparently deserve nothing.

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  • DiegoO

    Thanks for the MyTake. I never did read much because not so long ago I ended my first relationship, which was unconventional. If I regret breaking up? No. Would I go back with my ex? Under different circumstance perhaps, do I wish to start a next relationship? Noup. In conclusion been in a relationship is the least of my concerns.

    Sometimes is better be alone for a time.

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  • kitty71

    Why people make a bit deal abotu being single is a bad thing or a crime or something and that singles feel bad beause they do nto celebrate Valentines Day. Is not a huge fuzz. V day is like any other day of the year.

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  • OtakuNeko666

    I party cause I get to have more chocolates and I can hang out with my husbandos and waifus. 💕👌👍👍

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  • lovedejj_xo

    My friends brought up a “Galentine” we don’t need to hang out on vday lol. I just think it’s not that serious it’s another day and I have work but that’s just me.

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  • Unit1


    Being Single This Valentine's DayBeing Single This Valentine's DayBeing Single This Valentine's DayBeing Single This Valentine's Day
  • smg99

    This might be painful as I always lose those I want most but who test me. Still there are some I can’t have and it hurts even more:$

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  • Saurav11

    Lol. Singles have many options for valentine but thode who are in relationship they have only one option. Lol. 😀😂

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  • FatherJack

    Just business as usual for me , and a reminder I'm another year older 2 days later. Single dad = permanently single , I am happy with that. Never gave a rats arse about this commercial exercise day.

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  • Eryxx

    This Take made me think more about being single on Valentine's Day😂. Man, I was better off not giving damns.

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