Christianity Vs. The Non-believers Idea of Free Will: Who's right?

Society & Culture
I normally do not write articles or Takes that deal with the Christian religion as I know it’s such a touchy topic with so many people,...

My Christmas List (80's Style)

As with everyone else on here, I used to be a dorky little kid too. But unlike the rest of you losers, I was an 80's loser! To prove my...

Beautiful Christmas Decoration Ideas

Society & Culture
Make it known it's Christmas, but don't subject your entire abode to decoration: Use an unexpected color: Make your tree the 'wall...

Nevada: The S*it I Didn't Tell You

Entertainment & Arts
This is a follow up from a previous my take. Nevada could be...

Trump Still Lining Them Up- Meet "Mad Dog Mattis" - Secretary of Defense

Trending & News
I say with certainty that this man will be our next Secretary of Defense. Even though our US Congress must pass legislation for this...

5 Minor Characters In Avatar The Last Airbender I Wish I Knew More About

Entertainment & Arts
Minor characters are generally not that important in a plot. However, these are the characters I wished I saw more of in the show....


Boys, is it normal when you break up to think immediately about finding another girl?

Guy's Behavior
So pretty much, me and my boyfriend are in college, and relationships are just tough in college. There are a lot of girls, a lot of...

What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

Food & Beverage
I love to try new food items. Tell me the weirdest food item you have ever eaten. For me it was Sea Urchin at a Sushi Restaurant.

Where did you meet your current bf/GF?

Just curious where did everyone meet there significant other? Where do people even date now? I feel like everyone meets online and makes...

Men who contact their EX every once in a while... why?

Why are you compelled to contact someone you broke up with every once in a while? What is your reason?

When does Christmas end for you?

I know it varies from culture to culture. For some people after the 25th, Christmas is over, for others it ends in New Years Eve, and...

Do you think it's wrong for a guy to break off a friendship if the girl doesn't see him as more than a friend?

I've done this where if i was interested in wanting to be more than friends with a girl but she turned me down, rather would just be...

Is it wrong to not talk to your mother?

Society & Culture
I went through domestic abuse and now I am a major crime victim. throughout life I lost everything I had, including friends and family....

In your present relationship (if you are in one) do you feel you need more alone time, or more time spent together?

A greater need for independence and alone time doesn’t mean that they love you any less, and nor does a greater need for intimacy mean...


Do you consider your pet as a family member?

Family & Friends
After spending a considerate amount of time with my new puppy, I can honestly say, that I no longer view him as just a dog/pet. I feel...

Do you really think celibate men are sexist?

Guy's Behavior
a man who abstains from marriage and sexual relations... So what is GAG's opinion on this?

Guys, is it a turn-off if a girl has acne?

Fashion & Beauty
I have got 2-3 pimples and and blemishes and spots on my cheeks. It will take some time to get better, but it makes me really insecure...

How amazing and dignified is it that America's President is STILL constantly troilling people online?

Trending & News

Do you like to buy expensive Christmas gifts for your boyfriend/girlfriend?

I think most of us want to give a good impression. We put effort into choosing something of quality that our girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse...

Do you tend to believe people, or question them?

If someone is telling you a story, an event, or something that happened to them, do you tend to believe what they're saying, or in your...

When should I tell a girl I love her?

For the future of course. I just really wanted to know because some people say it really early and some really late.

If you really wanted kids, would you marry your girlfriend if there's a good chance she's infertile?

I had cancer as a kid, and one of the most common side effects of the kind of cancer I had is infertility. I've never been tested or...