Why Women Want Men Paying For Dates

As an act of chivalry, men are likely to pay for themselves, and their date. however, times have changed, and although many men still...

Secrets To Making Makeup Look Natural

Fashion & Beauty
Rule No.1 Dewey is on the more natural side, while matte is more on the artificial side. Rule No.2 You can use everything in an...

Apply Face Makeup The Professional Way

Fashion & Beauty
Sometimes you see a picture of a perfect face and you wonder what kind of makeup is where... It all looks right, magical, natural (more...

Lighting Your Eyes With Makeup: Make 'Em Sparkle

Fashion & Beauty
Shine in the inner corner of the eye makes it appear wider. Glitter liner makes the iris pop and sparkle! Sparkly eye shadow all over...

Some Words About the Manchester Suicide Bombing

Trending & News
What can I say about Manchsetser what I haven't said about Germany, Belgium, Sweden and France many times? What I will never understand...

Ethical Dilemma on Everest: Remembering David Sharp

I’ve only been on this site for a couple days but I feel like I’ve mentioned that I’m from New Zealand about one million times. So I’m...


Should parents circumcision of their kids be illegal?

Society & Politics
I tend to think so, if a person wants to be circumcised then they could do so when they are old enough to make that choice. Anyway, not...

Where's the best place?

Fashion & Beauty
Where's the best place to buy dresses/skirt from and tights which don't rip

Why would a guy get back with his ex girlfriend?

Guy's Behavior
What are the reasons? Ill sound like a wee investigator lol this guy i like was seeing a girl after he had brokeup with his ex. This...

How strong are your preferences and how much do they influence your datinglife?

People have preferences, and I often see here, that especially guys say things like "I only like small boobs, big boobs aren't...

I feel abandoned by my parents in time of need?

Family & Friends
Hello. So I'm 22. Partner is 22. I am currently pregnant with out first born. 8 months in. I broke the news to my family and his when I...

Why does my boyfriend keep getting nervous around me?

Guy's Behavior
we've been dating for 5 years and live together. he keeps getting really nervous around me for some reason which i have no clue what it...

Are relationships going extinct?

I have noticed that a lot of people would rather just have casual hookups with someone instead of establishing an actual relationship...

I don't understand why my boyfriend keeps pressuring me to spend on our apartment?

He literally gets mad at me because in the couple months we've been living together he put all this money to make it look nice but I...


Guys... What's your favourite type of swimsuit on girls?

Fashion & Beauty
I actually want to wear more cheeky swimsuits like the one piece in the picture. Is it too much? Thanks!

If a girl rejected you after going on a first date, because she was scared to get hurt, would you take her back if she wanted a second chance?

Like if she just rejected you then like a week later told you she was just scared. Would you give her a second chance?

Would you date someone who has kids?

Why/why not?