Which glasses style do you think is the sexiest on a girl?

Girls, I am 24 and never had a girlfriend. what to do to not be a single?

Please answer the following: 1. should i work out girls to like me or attract them? 2. should i use social skills like what is your enough and neccecary confidence to attract girls 3. Should i change my mood and be positive thinking? 4. should i increase my IQ. 5. Where and how to find...

How to handle an emotionally distant guy?

Guy's Behavior
I have dated this guy before, we broke up for a few bs reasons. His dad, moving, and a fight about views on kids that have changed. I know that he tends to be emotionally distant. He and I got together again after over a year of us being with other people. He has tried to get together with me again...

What do you think about belly dancing?

Health & Fitness
I want to start taking belly dance classes but I don't know if I should. I heard people saying that only sluts belly dance, and I'd really hate to be called this.  Do you guys think it's sexy or is it trashy?
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Time to look for new job?

Education & Career
Hello, I have been working for a company for about 6 months. The job has it perks and it's downs.  Pros: Health insurance, paid time off, seven weeks of pre-scheduled paid vacation during the school year Cons: No opportunity for raises or promotions, burn out job, $24k a year (especially...
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Boyfriend cyber stalking ex normal? have you ever cyber stalked an ex?

So me and my bofriend have been dating for 7months. 2 years ago he dated a girl for 3years and she broke up with him after he moved almost an hour away. From what it seems like he really dislikes her and barley talks about her. But then I saw him going to search something on his Instagram and her...
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Do you guys think it's weird if I still sleep with a stuffed animal?

Girl's Behavior
I'm 17 years old and I sometimes sleep while hugging my stuffed Mickey Mouse. I told my crush (it came up in our conversation) and he said that he thought it was cute. Do most people find it weird? Please don't judge hahaha Thank you!
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When a girl says she wants intelligent conversations what does it mean?

like what  if the topics i like shee doesn't? if i like bible prophecy and economics an geopolitics an stuff an maybe she's into science can it work I don't know by the way do u girls also like intelligent convos an if so how can i start to have one

Girls, what is my girlfriend planning?

Girl's Behavior
I thought it was very strange that she asked me the following questions today: 1) Do you like flowers? 2) Do you prefer outside or inside? 3) When you arrive at my apartment, be sure to check for my letter on the couch. I'll have a surprise for you when I get back from my teacher council...

Who were you closer to? your Dad or your Mom? Both or neither? And why one over the other?

Family & Friends
I was closer to my Dad then my step/adoptive Mother. She was there since I was a baby but then told me she wasn't my real mother from the start. But I still see her as my Mom. But being my fathers only child, I guess you can say he spoiled me and I became a Daddy's girl. He always helped me with my...

How do I get him to stop being so insecure?

My boyfriend is really insecure and whatever I say he doesn't believe he's not ugly. How do I get him to believe he's attractive?

What is some good mature adult conversation topics?

aside from the norm what are some good conversation topics that good and mature? sexual wise also?
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Girls, Do you think it would have been better to be born a guy?

Just curious if any girls think it would have been better to be born a guy rather than a girl? And why would you rather be a guy? ===BESIDES the whole not having periods reason=== Why do you think it would be better being a guy?

What Are Some First Date Ideas?

What do you guys think would be a good first date for people who know each other but lost contact for about 7 years and then recently reconnected. We aren't total strangers but I don't know what a good first date would be where we can be able to have fun, talk, and not be awkward. We are both 20.
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