Can't Force the Greedy to Share

Society & Politics
Contemporary liberalism, at least with respect to economic policy, seems to have a strong focus on gross income inequality. This seems...

Life Ain't a Fairytale!

We all know that real life is as it is... it ain't as perfect as in fairy tales, nope, very far from that. Real life is so full of...

10 Things I Learnt After Being Single For So Long

I had been single and sexless for 2 years 5 months 7 days. It was by choice, not because "I was a loser" as some may think and label; or...

4 Things I Learned From High School

Education & Career
In the real world, your GPA doesn't matter! :D Alright guys! High school is ending for me really soon, so I shall share with you a few...

My Top 10 Fitspo Instagram Girls

Health & Fitness
It's Sunday morning. I just had a nice breakfast of avocado toast and coffee, I'm watching the last day of the Premier League season,...

Why Everyone Stands a Chance With "8/10" People

Fashion & Beauty
I've seen some very weird takes focusing on 8/10+ people in terms of looks/attraction. I'm not going to make this long, in fact very...


Every morning my crush asks me what I'm wearing, why?

Guy's Behavior
You can check out my last question to hear more about him but every morning he asks me to send a picture of my outfit or he'all ask me...

Guys/girls are you ok with your SO complimenting others?

Like say if you guys are for example watching TV would you be ok if someone attractive came on and your partner said something like "his...

How do you feel about ghosting and convo dropping?

How do y'all feel when you get ghosted or dropped by someone you're texting? I've noticed more and more that this is something people I...

Does my boyfriend really want to be with me after a week with no contact?

Guy's Behavior
Hello guys, l met a guy a year and a half ago we got on really well, enjoyed each others company and would talk for hours about...

If someone told you.. you could find out about your future would you take it?

Like it was 100% guaranteed the information was correct would you want to know?


What is your first thought when a guy approaches you?

Girl's Behavior
Let's say you are single. It's 15:00 and you are walking down the street. A guy approaches you. Which of these statements would likely...

Would you go out with someone you didn't see yourself with long-term?

So here's a hypothetical. You meet someone who you like, it's not love at first sight but you think things might go better if you get to...

Does life get better after high school?

all my life from elementary school and high school I've had the worst life possible. depression, social anxiety, anorexia, adhd,...

Guys: would you date a girl who's had many failed relationships/marriages in her past?

girls: would you date a guy who's had many failed relationships/marriages in his past?