Blame the Woman, ALWAYS!

Society & Politics
We're living in a culture where we always blame women. We pit women against women. For instance, when a woman finds their...

8 Ways To Appreciate Your Life More

Family & Friends
A lot of people are struggling with depression or just feelings of worthlessness about their life. You may be comparing yourself to...

Amber Heard Finds Another Millionaire

Trending & News
Actually a billionaire this time... Before you comment - if you don't care...then don't care enough not to comment, because it makes no...

Boho Up Dos For A Formal Event

Fashion & Beauty
Boho hairdos are all the rage. Mainly because they don't look fake, they look natural yet like you put effort in - a naturally beautiful...

A Guy's Review of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Entertainment & Arts
So, I have just finished reading Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. I heard many rumours about the book before, saw girls in awe of it, guys...

Famous People of German Ancestry

Society & Politics
Every once in a while you'll hear a person make a snide remark about German people, they'll often say "ugh, those Nazis" "ugh, those...


Do you understand needing alone time?

I'm an introvert and my boyfriend is an extrovert. I really like me time. I like to be alone and do nothing. It makes me feel better and...

How do YOU respond to Change?

This could be ANY type of change. My inspiration to ask this question: At work we just got a brand new software system. It's very...

Do you compare your partner to strangers/past partners?

Like whether you realize it or not. To strangers or or friends or partners? Appearance or performance in bed? I am guilty of this.

What's your approach to Online Dating?

Whats the best way to get a woman's attention via Messaging on online dating?

A lot of makeup or less is better?

Fashion & Beauty
How you guys feel about a girl wearing a bigger amount of makeup?

Why do people think distance is the reason long distance relationships end?

I know everybody on here is anti-long distance and it's because "they never work out". However, most relationships aren't long distance...

Name one of your most nostalgic songs? Must have been released before 2010?

Entertainment & Arts
I know there are some great songs out there, much better than our current public radio, and I know that many of you have at least one...

How to know if my girlfriend genuinely likes me?

Girl's Behavior
I've been in a relationship for a bit over a year now, but, being as paranoid as me, I still don't know if I'm good enough, are there...