My Follow Up to Being A Black Man Who Hates Rap and Hip Hop

Entertainment & Arts
So this comes a lot later than I wanted it to, because I've been so busy with work and other things that I've had to keep putting it...

Relationships: 4 Types of Common Conflicts and How to Deal With Them

Just recently wrote an essay about this topic in psychology and thought it would be a good idea to share the information with you guys...

The Foundations of a Great Relationship

Here is my list of what makes a relationship stable and full of strength. These days many people, especially teenagers have a hard time...

Things I Look Forward to About Being a Husband and Father

Family & Friends
The love of husband and wife is the force that welds society together. Men will take up arms and even sacrifice their lives for the sake...

8 Tips If You Are Broke This Holiday Season

Not everyone has heaps of cash ready and waiting for them to use for the holidays. Some people really do need to focus on paying down...

The Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide for Pets! 🐶🐱🎄

It's the season of giving, and of course spoiling yourself. While you're out gift shopping for your loved ones, be sure to to not leave...


Guys, is it a turn off if a girl takes medication?

Namely for depression and anxiety? Let's say when she takes it she's a pretty happy, generally self confident person. When she doesn't...

Do you think if someone disrespected you to a large extent there is no turning back for that person?

As in, unless they are truly apologetic, you should never forgive them? Someone disrespected me quite a bit, and although that person...

Is it appropriate to get a gift for a teacher of a class I am taking (like an art class)?

Shopping & Gifts
It's a semester-long class, once a week. I'm not really sure whether it's appropriate as she might think we're not close enough for me...

Is a relationship between a popular guy and a weird girl a bad idea?

Hello everyone! I am in my last year of college, I've known this guy for about 3 years now and we are really good friends. We are too...

Scientology, what do you know about it? And, do you have any thoughts about it?

Society & Culture
I don't know much about it, I've heard about it a lot without really knowing what it is. Then I saw Leah Remini had this thing on A&E...

Should I text my ex a how are you doing text?

Break Up & Divorce
So basically I found out he was cheating and lying to me after we broke up which was about a month ago. I still haven't told him because...

Guys have you ever told your girlfriend to leave you alone?

When you are having a fight? in general?

Might be getting fired from my job when I just put in my two weeks? Should I be nervous?

Education & Career
Okay to make a long story short, this is my first job, I work at a clothing store. I've been here 6 probably almost 7 months but I had...

My ex keeps doing this.. what does this mean?

Break Up & Divorce
My ex broke with me because he thought I was a slot and he kept me nasty names. His friend named sean keeps telling me now that he bring...

If you had sole custody of your child, & you were due to hear about a court date very soon, would you let your ex see your child over Christmas?

If you were torn between knowing it could go against you in court, and knowing how much it would mean for your ex partner to see your...


When and how should I tell my friend I have feelings for her?

Girl's Behavior
I tried last time and I chickened out. So to save the friendship I lied and said I've never seen her as more than a friend.

Do you study a lot for finals?

Education & Career
I've never really understood why people study so much... it's material you were already tested over haha you know it already. You just...

Guys, do you look at platonic girl friends cleavage?

Guy's Behavior
Basically the question above. If she shows a lot one night do you have trouble focusing on her face still, or does this only happen when...

Would you be hurt if your girlfriend tells you she has a hard time falling asleep when you snuggle?

My boyfriend likes to fall asleep snuggling but I find it hard to get comfortable. Usually I'll let him snuggle for a bit and then start...

What would you do if your daughter got pregnant?

Family & Friends
Let's say she's 17, going on 18. She has a good GPA and she was planning on going to college. Would you support her, no matter what choice?

'Like attracts' like or 'opposites attract'?

Which do you think is more true?

Do you think you can actually rely on people?

Society & Culture
Even at my age, I've come to the conclusion that friends are only in it for themselves. Gosh even family. The only person who really...

Do you think cheating on your husband/wife should be illegal?

Society & Culture
Please don't reply "Well, people are going to cheat anyway." That is true. But even if we can reduce it by 10%, maybe society would improve?

Do you support raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour?

Trending & News
For years, the average minimum wage rate was 7.25 an hour, but as the years go by and prices inflate, people feel that this rate is...

If you frequent dating Apps, will you please select which one you think is Best?

Select the one you think is the best dating app. Give me your opinion why?