What It Feels Like to have ADD/ADHD

Society & Politics
Most people just don't to have ADD/ADHD (or any sort of learning disability) so it can be incredibly difficult to understand exactly...

Social Skills Part 3 : How To Make a Good First Impression

Society & Politics
Do you always feel confused when meeting someone new ? You feel like you don’t know how to act at an important event ? Maybe it’s a job...

My Take on Animal Lovers

Society & Politics
To day I dedicate an article to all the posers, armhair animal lovers. Do you remember that video about three years ago, that dominated...

How To Get Out Of Your Own Head

Health & Fitness
Think things through If you're going through anything, instead of trying to ignore it, plan how you're going to deal with it. Start to...

Oscars So White

Entertainment & Arts
When last years Oscars rolled around, it was clear that in that year and many years before it, the academy seemed to just blatantly...

I Can't Believe I Almost Did It !!! 🤔😫😩🤗

Girl's Behavior
So this guy near my job always looking at me and of course I'm looking at him too For over a year neither of us said a word to each...


What would you do if you caught your son playing with dolls?

Society & Politics
Let's say you have a seven year old son. He likes dolls, and cooking sets. He grabs a doll and says he's the daddy of this doll. He...

What is your opinion of Lifetime Movies?

Entertainment & Arts
for those who don't know what they are: pretty much it's a movie usually based on a true story, though that claim is disputed because...

"Do us a FLAVOR" Campaign?

Food & Beverage
Lay's (The Potato Chip Company) has lodged a Campaign called "Do us a FLAVOR" which allows Lay's fans/lovers to be able to participate...

What makes a girl lose interest in a guy she was recently interested in?

The guy is handsome, kind, funny, smart, they hit it off well together when they first met, there was lots of banter. They were...

How can I educate myself more on politics?

Society & Politics
I'm only 17, and obviously couldn't vote in this past election, but midterms are next year, and I want to be educated enough to form my...

Is it weird that gory video games and horror movies often make me feel better?

Entertainment & Arts
Like when I'm really angry or even kind of depressed it takes my mind off everything and makes me feel way better

Who are some characters who you think ruined a show?

Entertainment & Arts
Mine are Steve Urkel on Family Matters and Screech from Saved By The Bell. The only difference is Urkel was actually popular and funny...

Has it been anymore clear that Republicans don't actually care about corporate corruption or states rights?

Society & Politics
seriously? Steven Municin Rex Tillerson Scott Pruitt who is on the payroll of big oil And then with the whole, White house cracking...


Jeff Sessions issues a memo saying private prisons are making a comeback for the federal government, do you agree with this decision or disagree?

Society & Politics Obama actually cut down and said...

If women ruled the world tomorrow, do you think that they would use their newfound power for equal rights, for revenge, a bit of both, or neither?

Society & Politics
So lets say that tomorrow morning, someone rubbed a magic lamp and reversed the current status quo that we have throughout the world....

Should corporate corruption be a capital crime?

Society & Politics
I actually think it should. Though that would mean most of the presidential cabinet would be on death row

Why many relationships don´t last long in these days?

Explain the option you choose.

Hulk-Wolverine hybrid?

Entertainment & Arts
Marvel's editor in chief just teased this Depending on how it's executed, this could either be the most awesome thing ever or the most...