Discouraging Emotional People

Guy's Behavior
This is somewhat of a follow-up to a previous MyTake I attempted entitled, "Unemotional is Strong, Emotional is Weak"....

Steampunk Latest Fashion

Fashion & Beauty
A LookBook that concentrates on Steampunk: a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic...

Shoes That Take Some Guts To Wear

Fashion & Beauty
Sometimes you have to possess skill as well as a sense of bravery and not caring what others think to pull some fashion 'stunts'...

Strange Maybe Even Messed Up Jewelry Pieces

Fashion & Beauty
Sometimes you see someone on the street who's wearing something that baffles and amazes you at the same time. Let's look at some jewelry...

When She Hits You

Break Up & Divorce
Disclaimer: When I use she/her to reference an ex it is implied that I am referencing both genders. A couple years back I vaguely...

Favorite Childhood cartoons? -Facts and Cartoons- Pick your favorite

Entertainment & Arts
This is a list of my personal favorites of all time when I was little, I am still convinced, that the 90's cartoons are the best and...


Dating attractive men?

Do really good looking men fall for average looking girls. Not the fit model girls? Do we actually have a chance?

What does it mean when a guy asks you to stay the night?

I've been seeing this guy for a month now, we've hung out and been out before but this time he asked me to stay. Does that mean...

Gamers of GAG:What was the first gaming console you ever owned?

Entertainment & Arts
Mine was the original NES, then the Wii, The PS2, Xbox 360, and Ps3. My next will be Xbox One

Do you think it's wrong to put someone on blast?

Like screenshotting a convo of a guy being a pervert or a men trying to cheat on his gf? Do you think it's wrong? im one of those people...

Is it a good enough reason to break up with somone because they smoke?

Break Up & Divorce
My boyfreind smokes cigarettes and i always have and always will HATE cigarettes. Its a waste of money and I forbid the smell of them....

I feel weird going on date when I'm not over my ex yet? Thoughts?

We ended it over a month ago (we were together 3 months, and I fell in love) but the only reason we ended it was because he was an...

Did something stupid and read my boyfriend's chat logs. How can I get over what I read?

My boyfriend (been together 3 months now, been friends for years) has 2 previous relationships. He is still friends with one of them,...

How does a guy feel about a female friend confessing her feelings for him?

Guy's Behavior
Recently did this and wanted to know what guys think of it. Do you see it as desperate, or sweet, or what? I was close friends with the...

What is your favorite, binge-worthy show?

Entertainment & Arts
Whether it's on Netflix, or Hulu, or Amazon video, what show on any of those (or stars, or HBO) do you love to binge watch?


Have you ever begged your ex-girlfriend to have sex with you?

I mean full on begging, too. "Please" and everything.

Who has gone mgtow on GAG? and why?

Would love to hear everyone's opinion on this currently since it has now been out a while and not new anymore. Are you a MGTOW? Were you...

Is it weird for an ex to reach out after a year?

•We broke up mutually he was being deported •He don't have each other on socials anymore • Dont have eachothers number •A year later his...

Why (some) curvy girls complain so much? Are they just trying to show off?

Girl's Behavior
I have heard this many times: "Oh my, it's so hard to have the perfect body, my waist is too small, but my ass is too big for these...

Do you want kids? If so, will you adopt, or will you (or your partner) give birth to a child?

Family & Friends
I don't understand why more people won't consider adopting. The world is overpopulated, there are plenty of kids waiting to be adopted,...

Can guys tell when a girl they're close to is on her period?

Guy's Behavior
I never tell anyone when I'm on mine except for my female friends if it comes up. However I do hang out with a lot of guys. I only have...