Sons And Daughters Who Look Like Their Celebrity Parents

Entertainment & Arts
Genes are powerful influencers in determining how we look as individuals. So it's only natural for children to look like their parents,...

The facts about bipolar disorder: it IS a disability!

Health & Fitness
The main reason I'm writing this is that I'm a little ticked off about people constantly saying how it's lazy, abusive or swindling for...

Red Flags Guys Need To Watch Out For When Dating A New Girl

So you managed to work up the courage to talk to that cute girl, get her number, and got your text game on. Now one week in you're...

Appreciate the Beauty Within Yourself

Fashion & Beauty
Disclaimer: Although this post is for everyone, it has religious content so if you're afraid that the mention of God will hurt your...

My Escape From the Slavery of Isolation, Brainwash, and Judgmentalism

Religion & Spirituality
What would you think of me if I told you I am a practicing Roman Catholic? You might think I have good values and care about people. Or...

Two Words.. Four Syllables.. Twice as Much Misunderstanding, and Three Times as Much Controversy: Double Standards

So before we begin.. It behooves me to admit that I almost feel bad for this. The more I consider this concept, the more misogynistic I...


My Girlfriend wants a child. I'm not ready. What to do?

We are both in our late twenties, i live at home and study. She does not live at home and has a very busy job. We like each other very...

Dating with cancer?

Would you keep on getting to know someone and possibly get into a relationship with them if you found out they have cancer? Or is that...

Should I be okay with my boyfriend replying to his exs texts?

Lately his ex has texted him asking him some random questions and I feel like it's for the wrong reasons but should I just let it go and...

Do you have trouble admitting when you're wrong?

Are you okay with saying sorry.. or do you struggle to admit it when you've done wrong?

Do you use tinder? How should the first message be on tinder?

Do you use tinder? How should the first message be on tinder?

Do people feel bad after they use you and hurt you? Like do exes feel bad after using you?

Guy's Behavior
Why does everyone keep saying he will be back after he already used me for money

How do I not get upset when he doesn't text back?

How do I not get upset when he doesn't respond to my texts. It PMO BECAUSE I DO SO MUCH FOR HIM! We've already talked about this. If I...

My 4 year girlfriend got kissed by another guy when she was drunk. She kissed him back for a second or two then pushed him off. What do I do?

It started as one of her friends invited her to go out for a couple drinks with her. I understand she needs girl time. So she gets...

Have you ever prank anyone. Or pranked anyone that went just a bit to far?

I want to hear some funny ones and the totally crazy ones.


Do you feel uncomfortable when people stare at your body or touch it without your permission?

Girl's Behavior
I just feel extremely uncomfortable when someone make comments about my boobs (not because they're big or anything... most of them say...

What is your favourite style of tattoo?

Fashion & Beauty
I know there are so many others like dotwork, script, geometric, etc so if I missed one let me know in the comments cause I ran out of...

Do you think it's bad to be a hopeless romantic?

I got called that so I'm wondering if it's a bad quality if you're with someone and they're more romantic than you