Home Remedies For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
Yeah, you may not have that special someone...but you sure can feel amazing, you can be the hottest you can be and most importantly -...

Amy Adams Fashion *Best Of*

Fashion & Beauty
Amy Adams is definitely a beautiful, talented woman, and with all of that, she's also an incredible fashion icon. Even though it takes...

Statement Jewelry Pieces

Fashion & Beauty
Make a statement - wear a statement piece!Make a statement - wear a statement piece! Statement jewelry doesn't have to be BIG - it's a...

Oddly Eclectic Bits and Bobs of the Jewelry World

Fashion & Beauty
Sometimes you're just not into the classic jewelry options...sometimes you want to feel different - special.

Do Women Care About Height?

Every other day on GaG, a guy will ask, "should my height matter?" "Can I date a girl taller than me?" "I'm short, will I ever be able...

Can you respond without venting your anger?

Trending & News
The Republic has been saved! Many of you will not agree with me. I don't expect you to agree. Your difference of opinion is...


Do really pretty girls automatically get the love because they're pretty?

Guy's Behavior
I was sitting next to this guy. He kept making conversation even when I quietened down. I'm pretty in a nuanced, sweet kind way....

Is the republicans plan to eliminate poverty to just let them starve, die from lack of medical care and exposure to the elements?

Society & Culture
It actually kind of makes sense in a sick and twisted way, eliminate all social programs for helping those less fortunate and they'll...

Would it be immoral to rob the bank account of a crime lord/shadow depository (Farscape related)?

Entertainment & Arts
So I was talking about Farscape recently with a buddy and in the show one of the lead characters children has been sold into slavery and...

Do you know why the colors of red, white and pink are used for Valentine Day?

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day Colors (Red, White & Pink).

What's wrong with Obamacare?

Society & Culture
Aka Affordable Care Act. Why do so many people hate it? To be honest, it's embarrassing to say this but I don't know much about it. All...

Valentine's day double standards?

Valentine's Day
Why do must girls expect the world on valentines day but get their boyfriend nothing. Most just expect to get stuff. They assume it's a...

Do people who travel a lot become more intelligent than those who dont?

Society & Culture
Since you see a lot more of the world through your own eyes. You meet and interact with people from different countries, cultures,...

What do you think about Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States?

Society & Culture
I know that I shouldn't really talk about politics - because it is a controversial topic - but what are your thoughts!! To be honest, I...

Is a good or bad idea to go visit my ex's parents?

Break Up & Divorce
I had a 5 year relationship but we ended it because things didn't work out and we both had a mutual agreement kind of.. about breaking...

How much effort and $$$ do you put into Vday?

Valentine's Day
There are a ton of Valentine's day questions but I wondered what do you guys actually do for your SO on Vday? Do you put a lot of...


Do you think that people should actually be allowed to send their kids to brainwashing camps 'schools' that teach creationism?

Society & Culture
at that point they are literally brainwashing their kids to believe something thats been proven false

Should I buy heart shaped chocolates for a cashier on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day
I know this girl for a while (since the last summer particularly) and she knows me, since I buy from the store she works at, pretty...

I am not enough for my husband?

Marriage & Weddings
13 years married & I've never been with him to the fair or on a dinner date that wasn't mcDonalds. I cater to this man 24/7 only to be...

"Being in Love" and "Loving someone?

Do you think there's a difference? ...

Who cheats more, guys or girls?

Break Up & Divorce
Curious to see what people think.

How much of a turn off is insecurity on the opposite gender? How important is confidence?

Important Question about insecurity! I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I'm just like that. Anyway, I admitted that I was very...