A woman in a communal pool swimsuit shamed into leaving

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...Why? Because she would 'Excite teenage boys'. Mothers and fathers complained - even though it's a community pool for which she and...

The Dating Scene Is Pathetic

So this is my first take, it's really what I should be doing instead of asking questions, because I already know what I need to know...

Androgynous Fashion For Women

Fashion & Beauty
Androgynous fashion looks great on women - because a woman's body can really pull anything off and still look amazing... One of the...

Wardrobe Essentials

Fashion & Beauty
As with anything in life there are a few essentials in your wardrobe which you'll certainly be smart to own. Before I start remember:...

Essay Writers Attract Souls

Education & Career
At some point during their academic career, everyone is required to write an essay. And while that is viewed as an obligation and a...

Fairy-Inspired Summer Makeup

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The powdery fairy queen: Use different pastel eye shadows or blushes to create these kinds of looks! This look's special effects focus...


Have you heard of the Michelle Carter case? and if so, what are your thoughts?

She was convicted in an involuntary manslaughter trial in Massachusetts related to encouraging her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to commit...

Can you do an impression of someone doing an impression of someone else?

example: doing an impression of Elmer Fudd doing an Impression of Porky Pig? Impressception?

What are your favorite Spongebob episodes?

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Mine are: The Krusty Krab pizza Tentacle Acres Band Geeks Spongebob visits his grandma Bubble Buddy The exploding pie Krabby Land The...

Everyone Over 25 years old, When was the last time you got a Birthday Cake from someone else?

This always crosses my mind when I have to get someone else a Birthday gift. It seems the older we get, the less Cake is involved!...

How to maintain closeness in relationship when busy and mismatched schedule?

So vacation is over. Im about to start working full time in a resto so mostly at night. my boyfriend just got a job and must work 60...

Why don't guys try to date a chubby,"fat" girl?

I see a lot of gorgeous skinny women date even marry guys that are big fat even, but I've never seen a hot average weight man date a...

boyfriend broke up with me cause I lied about my sexual past?

boyfriend and i were together for 8 months and he broke up last week. My boyfriend had only 2 sexual partners which both were long term...


Have you ever felt tension right before watching a certain movie you know is going to be good?

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For example let's say it's a movie that you know is going to have disturbing scenes but you are looking forward to watching it. As soon...

Who is your favorite rapper?

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mine is Eminem

Is it wrong to ask a woman how much she weighs?

Girl's Behavior
Usually you hear that it's rude to ask a woman how much she weighs, but are there some cases when it's ok, like if she's skinny?...

Do you think the blazer with jeans and a graphic tees are a good style?

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To me it just looks ugly. Especially when paired with some sort of flat shoe or sneaker. I've seen this a lot at conferences or...

California restricts state travel to four other states including Texas because of the anti-LGBT laws. Thoughts?

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They apparently did this to protest the treatment and discrimination of the LGBT community. Thoughts? The other three states of...

Does a mental illness scare you away from liking somebody?

I have GAD and OCD and I am always scared it is going to make guys less attracted to me. If a girl or guy you were really into admitted...

Are you more of a talker or listener?

I speak what I have to say in the most condense form then be quite and listen to what the other person has to say, if it's interesting I...