The Fear of Rejection

Why can't I just do it? Have you ever had a crush that you're unsure of their feelings for you? Have you ever hesitated to move things...

Lets get one thing straight; Ghost in the Shell is NOT Cyberpunk

Entertainment & Arts
that is an interpretation of the classic cyberpunk Character from Gibson's Sprawl Trilogy, Molly Millions. Now Molly Millions is...

Why I Love Monogamy and How It Makes Me a Gentleman

Marriage & Weddings
I love the idea of getting old together. The idea of loving one woman,and being with her for my whole life,is the most romantic thing...

Advice to Shy Teenagers

There's a Difference Between Love and Worship Shy people tend to be insecure about things that would cause people to look down on them...

My Response to "How My Friend's Baby Pulled Us Apart"

Society & Politics
This is my response to this article....

Rewarding the Good, Removing the Bad

G@G Community
Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve announced an update, but this one is special. On top of several small technical...


Why do men think when a woman hits her 30s her biological clock is ticking?

Guy's Behavior
I've already had kids I don't want anymore, it's always guys in their 20s that think women are passed it by time they reach 30 and...

Why do so many people in this generation think their current SO is their soul mate?

When trends and pattern show that relationships don't last as long as they did in the past.

No contact rule?

Break Up & Divorce
My ex dumped me because he wanted to talk to his ex and few other women who had texted him. Yes, he said this. Lol. It was out of...

He asked me to a movie but it wasn't a date?

Guy's Behavior
We're in a good place together and he really likes me and I like him. He's very sweet to me and we've established we want a...

Should I admit to my boyfriend that I've been stalking his instagram?

Basically, I met him online and plan to meet him irl soon. I don't have instagram but have a fake account he doesn't know about. I had a...

How do I forget him and move on?

Last June we started dating and he really made me believe he wanted to have something serious, just like he said. After 6 months I...

Should I tell my parents about these recurring nightmares?

Family & Friends
When I was a baby, I was inappropriately touched by a family member. This family member was about 5 at the time. My dad caught him in...


Do you want children?

Family & Friends
I personally despise children but which would you prefer? children or no children?

Which call center job is the worst?

Education & Career
I'm currently working from home as a English-Spanish translator. Hopefully one day I get out of the call center position but for now,...

Should there be gay, feminine and non-white James Bond now?

I mean James Bond so far has been White and heterosexual and super masculine. Which is so not fair towards people of color (like me),...

Could you be in a relationship with someone who disagreed with you on something important?

I've found myself befriending people who've got very... obvious opinions that are opposite to mine. if I discuss anything tender with...

Have you ever went bungee jumping or skydiving? Would you recommend it?

Entertainment & Arts
My friends wants to go skydiving in the near future and im conpletely shitting bricks lol.. have any of you done it? what do you think...

What would you do if your family and/or friends think your partner is ugly or fat?

would you be influenced by their opinions? would you still stay or eventually leave?