Chico_Brah's Basic Dating Tips for Young Men (Part 1)

My DM's on GAG are ridiculous. I have so many guys asking me basic questions and I constantly find myself digging for old opinions that...

Five must visit spots in India for Coffee Lovers.

You might be thinking, "Indian coffee? Never heard about it." But coffee is coffee, and every region has it's speciality. Indian coffee...

Matching Your Necklace To Your Neckline

Fashion & Beauty
Some people don't know what necklace should go with what neckline...which is fine, but if you want the full fashion experience it's...

International Yoga Day: Let’s celebrate a Calmer Living!

Health & Fitness
Since ancient period, the benefits of yoga, as touted by many practitioners have gained a tremendous upsurge in their popularity. While...

Hippie-Inspired Summer Makeup Tips

Fashion & Beauty
Let the bottom lashes speak for themselves: the bottom lashes have been truly emphasized in that era - they've been drawn on on the skin...

On the Media and News, Fake or Otherwise

Entertainment & Arts
Earlier this year, America elected its newest president, Donald Trump. I'm a Canadian, and thus I'm not into U.S. politics, but I have...


What's the most important advice you've received from someone?

Dad, mom, aunt, grandpa, sister, cousin, friend... anyone! What's the best advice you've ever gotten please share?

Do you believe in the institution of marriage?

I feel like marriage isn't what it used to be and has become kinda superficial. It doesn't feel as sacred as it used to. I still would...

Bad first date stories?

Anyone care to share their worst date stories? I've actually never had a horrific first date before. The worst one I had was meeting a...

What are your plans in the next 10 years?

Education & Career
I want to get my pharmacy and business bachelor's degree. Move to houston Texas and start my career. Have a car and a license. 🌹

Guys, how do you feel about an independent woman?

Guy's Behavior
Guys, how do you feel about independent women? Would you date a woman who was independent but not femminist and still wanted a...

Do you guys still celebrate your birthdays?

If so what do you do? It feels kind of outdated now I'm going to be 18


How does your upbringing influenced your current religious beliefs?

Religion & Spirituality
Some quetions regarding religion popped up today and I am lacking some information about how people came to be non/religious. This...

Are you a bookworm?

Bookworm - person devoted to reading 🐛🐛🐛

Thick eyebrows in or out? 😂 (poll)?

Fashion & Beauty
So I've seen this new trend of THICK eyebrows amongst girls in my country (my friends and I call it slug eyebrows), I personally think...

Why do so many men hate tinder now?

at first I thought I was the only dude who hated that app until I started running into a few users here on this site and in many other...