How To Deal with Holiday Depression

Family & Friends
For a lot of people, the holidays are the worst time of year. The thought of the holiday season quite literally seems to bring on a...

5 Healthy Holiday Dessert Recipes

If you're trying to be a bit healthier this Christmas, here are some of my "go-to" recipes over the holidays. 1) Eggnog Recipe: 2 cups...

Christianity Vs. The Non-believers Idea of Free Will: Who's right?

Society & Culture
I normally do not write articles or Takes that deal with the Christian religion as I know it’s such a touchy topic with so many people,...

My Christmas List (80's Style)

As with everyone else on here, I used to be a dorky little kid too. But unlike the rest of you losers, I was an 80's loser! To prove my...

Beautiful Christmas Decoration Ideas

Society & Culture
Make it known it's Christmas, but don't subject your entire abode to decoration: Use an unexpected color: Make your tree the 'wall...

Nevada: The S*it I Didn't Tell You

Entertainment & Arts
This is a follow up from a previous my take. Nevada could be...


Would you ever be part of an arranged marriage?

Marriage & Weddings
because no matter the circumstances I would never do it

Why do people cheat?

Just trying to understand why do some people feel the urge to cheat even when loving their partner/being in a happy relationship.

What do you buy when you want to treat yourself?

Family & Friends
I want to treat my self because I've been trying to love myself more. I'm not sure if I should save up my gift cards and get myself a...

Is it bad if I date a dude I am not that interested in, at least for now?

I think it s good for me to get back in the game and I might like the dude in the end. But for now I am just a bit interested sooo...

Is it wrong that I'm dating a man 10 years older than me?

I've been on a few dates with this guy and I want to see how it goes im 21 and he's 31 and we get on well and I'm attracted to him is...

What is usually on the menu for your Christmas or Christmas Eve Dinner?

Food & Beverage
Usually here its either turkey or ham, stuffing, deviled eggs, some dessert, mashed potatoes, and maybe potato salad and rolls.

So, why do men REALLY settle for plain/unattractive women after all?

Guy's Behavior
I almost turned this one into a MyTake, but concluded it was not that important a problem, and more like a personal interest, which I...

Guys, why are things about girls that make you lose interest in us?

Girl's Behavior
I'm kinda interested in this guy at my work and I'm making sure I'm myself and staying cool. But I just want to know extra side notes of...

Has anyone else ever just felt like they had to start over?

Girl's Behavior
I prayed for happiness for the past three years. Being a young woman who just recently turned 19, I didn't know it was the root of my...

Should I reach out to my ex after 6 weeks?

Break Up & Divorce
My ex and split a little more than a month ago. He dumped me out of no where after a fight. Weve barely spoken since. However, yesterday...


Do you think Zen will finally allow AMD to compete with Intel again?

Trending & News
AMD hasn't been able to compete with Intel (mostly in the high end market) since the Athlon 64 era. AMD's next gen processor Zen is...

What are your thoughts on Catfishing? And have you ever been "Catfished"?

I have been Catfished before, as in met someone online, who said they were one person and were actually someone else. Let's just say it...

How To Ask Someone Out For Coffee?

Long story short: I think this guy is attractive, and shows some signals of being interested in me. I want to ask him to a casual coffee...

Have you seen It Follows?

Entertainment & Arts

Do you really think celibate men are sexist?

Guy's Behavior
a man who abstains from marriage and sexual relations... So what is GAG's opinion on this?

Guys, is it a turn-off if a girl has acne?

Fashion & Beauty
I have got 2-3 pimples and and blemishes and spots on my cheeks. It will take some time to get better, but it makes me really insecure...

Guys, how long does it take you to lose interest in a girl?

Guy's Behavior
This guy in my college class that I had a thing for and I had been mirroring each other and he was showing signs of having feelings for...

How amazing and dignified is it that America's President is STILL constantly troilling people online?

Trending & News