How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Fashion & Beauty
Here are some simple ideas that could change the look of your clothes! Changing the Buttons This sounds very unusual, but even the small...

America, R-E-L-A-X!

Society & Culture
Today, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. While this is a great day to some, to others it's a...

5 Most Awesome Superpowers I Want From Movies

1. Super Speed Have you ever just wanted to travel across the world? With super speed that wouldn't be an issue! Imagine running...

8 Tips For Learning Any Foreign Language

1. Don't Focus on Fluency Realistically, complete and total fluency for someone learning a language on an adult level, is not impossible...

Hurt People Don't Always Hurt People

Society & Culture
We've all heard that saying, hurt people, hurt people. It's true, but not always the case. Broken people come in all different shapes...

10 Ways How You Become Unattractive and Unapproachable In Everyone's Eyes

Family & Friends
No, neither even makeup nor a presentable outfit can resolve them. 1. Being Overly Negative About Life People are aware and are wary of...


What are the advantages of dating an older guy?

I'm specifically talking about the advantages of romantically dating and having sex with an older guy. No sugar daddy business.

Is there a big difference between a guy finding a girl attractive and liking her?

Guy's Behavior
Is there a big difference between a guy finding a girl attractive and liking her? I catch this one guy in my class looking at me, quite...

I like this guy but he lives with an ex?

I recently met a guy at work who seemed to be awesome. We are both Christian and I made it clear to him no sex before marriage - he said...

Why would a girl do this as she passes you?

Girl's Behavior
What does it mean if a girl you know looks at you slowly looks away then a few seconds later looks at you again as she walks by?

What's the best way to rebuild confidence after a breakup if it's at an all time low?

Family & Friends
As in it's affecting your social life etc.

My girlfriend loves me more than I love her? How can I show her that I love her just as much?

I think my girlfriend loves me stronger than I do. She's always so nice and sweet and caring. And I feel like I can not offer more than...

How to feel more confident to not use makeup all the time?

I am confident in my own skin, but not enough to feel good without makeup to school. I've always wanted to be more natural but I also...

What is your dream situation in life?

It can be totally unrealistic. Mine is to travel the world with my big sized dog and partner, we climb mountains and explore, when we're...

How to get over intense crush when I have a signficant other?

How do I do this? I've known the guy through friends and we've exchanged numbers and we text. It's the worst but I love flirting with...

Agree/Disagree: Having wildly different visions of how you want your wedding day to go is a sign of fundamental incompatibility?

It seems some people are quite adamant about what they do or don't want. I'm starting to think that the kind of wedding you see for...


Should I break it off with the other girls?

So I'm currently dating 3 girls. One I've been dating for 2.5 months, the other I've had 2 dates with, and the other I just had my first...

Did I turn her into a "Female Player" ?

There was this super gorgeous woman in our class, all the dudes were crazy about her but she never flirted with anyone for 2 months. She...

Do you think the trend of girls shaving their heads should be stopped?

Fashion & Beauty
Tons of girls all over youtube and instagram shave their heads as a sign of feminism, self love or to show others that hair doesn't...

Have you ever regretted not making a move on your crush in high school?

Do you ever wonder "what if"? What if you flirted or talked with them more? What if you had asked them out or asked them to prom?

Have you ever heard this or said this during a break up?

Break Up & Divorce
Your partner starts the break up talk and, when you start to show any emotion, he or she says: IT'S NOT YOU. . . IT'S ME. And then. ....

What's your opinion on the "women's March"?

Society & Culture
In my opinion, I think it's just a futile attempt from the liberals to get sympathy (no offense intended).

Ladies, would you say yes to a date just because it's Valentines Day?

Valentine's Day
So ladies... lets be honest here? Would you say yes to a date on Valentines Day if you knew you were going to end up alone in your room...

Do you like it when a man has big hands?

Well I'm not grown yet im 17 but still Do you like that? My hands are big and I was wondering if that's something that people like or...

How much help SHOULD a new mother receive from her own mother?

Family & Friends
Say you chose to get engaged to a 'great' guy, get married and straight away, get pregnant. You then have the child, who the dad just...

Ok, men, ALL men, when you blush around a girl what are you thinking?

Guy's Behavior
When talk one on one, face to face and you blush during the conversation, what is going through you mind guys? We are curious. We will...