What It's Like To Be An Introverted Girl In An Extroverted World

Society & Politics
For as long as I can remember, I have always been different. I like quiet, I don't like crowds or hanging out with more than one person....

Beauty and Fashion Belong to All of Us

Fashion & Beauty
I've written many a take addressing all women's body sizes and shapes and skin colors and hair types to combat some people's attitudes...

Never Date Anyone on the Rebound at Any Cost

It is natural to want love. It is natural to like someone who's physically attractive and shares a lot of interests, but sometimes it's...

Basic Food Photography 101 For the At Home Chef

Food & Beverage
Food photography is a wonderful way you can help showcase and remember the many meals you prepare for yourself or others. A lot of at...

My Review on African Black Soap

Fashion & Beauty
I first bought African black soap at an open air market in New Orleans. I was looking for a good skin cleanser and since natural...

The Reasons Why 'Men Looking at Other Women When Accompanied by Their SO' Remains an Issue

Let me begin by stating that this is by no means a way of judging anybody. But it is somewhat puzzling that, after this issue has been...


What do you think of ontological arguments for a gods existence?

Religion & Spirituality
I find them pretty poor. The sort of idea God must exist since the universe exists, or one idea that was argued lately to me was that...

What was your favorite game as a child?

what was your favorite game when you were 6-8 years old? I loved playing hide and seek with the neighbours, football/soccer, riding with...

What are your instant deal breakers?

Cliquey, a French accent, nerdy, and a cheater are mine.

Do you believe in the "game changer"?

Most of us have had at least a few relationships under our belts, but is/was there one that just turned your whole world upside down...

Why is adoption so expensive? Who are we paying?

Family & Friends
And isn't it so dumb?

How do you deal with someone who twists your words around?

I feel like my boyfriend always twists my words so that we end up in at argument. It's almost like he's looking for a fight. I could say...

Are you allowed to be sad/in a bad mood around your partner?

Whenever I'm having a bad day , my boyfriend always complains that I'm bringing him down. I don't complain about my day or tell him...


Do you enjoy double dates / Double date ideas?

may be going on my first double date with the bfs mate and his girlfriend. Any ideas of what to do? Your experience with double dating?

How long before you start thinking about a dating partner as a prospect for a long term relationship?

You meet somebody and you think they're just. . . perfect! They are exactly what you have been looking for and you final;y found him or...

If you were walking down the street and saw the ex from your longest relationship, what would you say or do to them?

Break Up & Divorce
It's been a while since the break up. It was the most serious relationship you have ever had. It was serious enough that you at least...

Would you date an orphan who never knew his parents and hated them?

If he went from group home to group home foster family to family. And hate his parents will you date him.

Which body type do you prefer?

I'm having a fight with my girlfriends we can't decide what is better...