Why Do Women Leave Men? What Guys Didn't See Coming

If you are worried that your wife or girlfriend is about to leave you, or has already left you, the truth of the matter is that it's probably not what you think, and there can be several reasons.

In any long term relationship things pile up. Little frustrations, hurts, insensitive remarks can all add up over a period of time and each little thing is like a brick in a wall. After a while you will have one very big wall. That's the point where one party will throw their hands up and say 'Enough!" and leave. The important thing is to make sure your relationship never gets to that point.

"One thing you have to do is un-learn much of what you've been told about women and what they want"

One thing you have to do is un-learn much of what you've been told about women and what they want. If you think women are needy and high maintenance, you need to re-evaluate your thinking (of course some women are that way, but not most of them). While this may sound stupid here is something you should try: stop thinking of your woman as a woman, instead think of her as a person. Treat her the same way you like people to treat you.

One of the biggest mistakes men make is they either treat their women like a surrogate mommy, or they go to the complete opposite side of the spectrum and put her on a pedestal where they treat her like she's made of porcelain. The best thing to do is treat her like a human being: a unique individual that has her own mind, needs, and wants. Get to know the real woman, not the person you want her to be, or think she should be.

Don't lump all women together. Don't assume your wife or girlfriend likes a certain thing or should act a certain way just because some other woman (or your mom) does. More than likely you have several male friends. Do you treat each one of them the exact same way, or do you modify your behavior (slightly) for each unique relationship you have?

Women leave men because they are unsatisfied in one way or another. Each relationship is different but at the end of the day your wife or girlfriend will leave because she is not getting enough of her needs met, it's as simple as that.

Most women want their husband or boyfriend to be a friend and confidant. They want someone who acts like they actually like them. Many men don't act like they even like their women and they certainly don't treat them like a trusted friend.

Relationship Dont's
  • Don't treat women like a surrogate mother
  • Don't assume she likes something just because she's a woman
  • Don't lump all women together.
  • Don't assume women don't have sexual needs, just as men do
  • Don't forget to be a friend and confidant
Women have sexual needs just like men. Our society has done a huge disservice to men and women because it tells men they have this huge sex drive and that it's OK to pick up women whenever they want to and that women have to be 'good girls' who will only have sex with their husband.

The fact of the matter is that is not true. Women have the same sex drive as men, they are just conditioned to not act on it whenever the whim hits them. What women don't want is to think that their man only wants them for sex. Women will often disconnect from their men physically because even though they like sex they also like non-sexual physical contact and many men think they have to turn every incident of physical contact into a sexual encounter. After a while your woman won't even want you to touch her, and she'll find someone else.

So if you want to avoid having your wife or girlfriend leave just follow some of these simple tips and treat your women like someone who you like and love and your relationship should last a long time.

3amHunter is a professional relationship coach from Los Angeles, California and unlike most relationship coaches out there, specializes on one niche. And that is how to get back together with an ex girlfriend. For more information click on the following link: Why Women Leave Men.
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What Girls Said 17

  • This article is geared towards men and women ALREADY in relationships. This will hrlp keep i5 going byt don't use this to get the girl. Treating her as a person and not just a women applies to even outside the relationship.

  • "stop thinking of your woman as a woman, instead think of her as a person."

    I'm so glad you made that point. All of my exes always seemed to forget that of my sex was only part of who I was. They would think of me as a woman before they thought of me as a human being. When in reality I'm so much more than my gender; failing to realize that is something so many men do. Great job!

  • 'What women don't want is to think that their man only wants them for sex.'

    exactly. One other thing, women like to be showed and told that they are loved.

  • This whole article was like one big "DEEEEEERP" moment. And it's true what it says: we need to treat eachother like fellow HUMAN BEINGS. We are not that different from eachother, we share HUMAN QUALITIES. You have to delete all the BS you hear about what women want or what men want (for the ladies) It makes everything so much easier.

  • I don't agree with this article. The author doesn't really understand us. All these advices are too superficial and arbitrary.

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What Guys Said 11

  • Sometimes guys (especially young guys) need the blatantly obvious spelled out for them.

    That's why an article like this is so good.

  • I read it to get a new perspective.
    A majority of women like a man to be 'The' man while allowing them freedom of finding themselves. Women evolve and need direction and support at the same time. Honesty is key as well as having a big Dick that you don't misuse for evil. If you conversate openly and make her wet and put her in check when she doesn't get wet she will appreciate your affection and attention. But before you can do all this you have to let your Nuts hang.

  • I'm sorry, I don't think this article has any value whatsoever, you say don't lump all women together but that's exactly what you are doing. Some women are needy, some women are very independent just as the same can be true of guys.

    Why do women leave men? For lots of reasons, most of which didn't even get a mention.

    This is a pointless article, you want the real truth? It's in HER head, so why not stop wasting your time reading this sh/te and go and talk to her. PEOPLE are different.

  • No... There are men out there that get left by being the good man. Women want the drama to keep things "alive", the challenge that simulates the mind, and to be treated like crap. There are men out there that do all the above what you said, but women are not attracted to those men. Women leave the good men and give excuses as to why when men do all the "right things". Men do stupid things and leave good women too, but there are no loop holes like these when good men leave a relationship.

  • 11. men ignore the feelings of women

    12. men don`t listen enough by women talks

    13. both genders can speak in two different conversations, like the tower construction in Babylon

    14. he doesn`t spend time enough for her

    15. he is to much clumsy for her

    16. he ignore her (girl)friends

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