How can I know if my ex girlfriend is missing me or not?

she dumped me note because I was bad or anything she cried wen she dumped me it was something that happened wit me and her parents and they basically told her to leave me or she would have to move like 2 weeks later she with another guy (rebound)? she was still asking people how I'm doing then with this new guy she just showing him off all over aim and MySpace all lovey dovey like they been together for years and I know this girl for 4 years even before I got with her I know how she is. but to get to the point just recently she stopped showing him of on aim she's putting weird messages like trying to get me to write her then she keeps putting songs she can't get out her head and their love songs I don't know if she wants me 2 listen to them or what so I can know how she feels..and also on her away message for 4 days she had it saying new screen name ask 4 it and she never got a new because she still on her old 1 so I guess she was again trying to get me to write to her but I don't know what I should do i


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  • I had the EXACT same problem. For me it was her missing me. The fact that she would go as far as showing him off in that way its showing that she wants you to be somewhat jealous. and that she misses you (my opinion). My Girlfriend (who was that ex) was putting up lyrics from songs and they had hidden meanings. In my opinion if you really want to go through the process because YOU believe its worth it to you then go for it. I know I'm allot younger than you but I was in the same sitch and it worked out for me. Give it a shot and hope for the best. Write her and be sincere. If you get "somewhere" with the success Id say push but push slowly. You've known each other for so long. I wanted to be with my significant other again and I did it in that fashion.

    If it seams like she's just playing games with you; Take the time to figure them out. Things sometimes are misleading and you don't want to be more hurt in the end. The obvious do what's right for you and if you're unsure of your gut feelings then ask another Q and think it out.

    Take care,



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  • There's no way anyone can tell you what she's thinking or feeling. Anything else is just a guess and you will drive yourself crazy trying to analyze her behavior, and still not know for sure. More importantly, it doesn't MATTER if she misses you or not. She lost the right to be in your thoughts and feelings the moment she dumped you. Moving on is hard, and it's even harder when you are constantly confronted with cryptic messages from the ex. Sometimes I hate the Internet for this reason because it gives us a way to keep our exes in our lives much longer than they should be. And you know what, even if she is directing these messages toward you, she still isn't worth your time because she can't even come forward and talk to you herself. Get rid of all reminders of her, remove her from your friends list, use every ounce of your willpower to stop checking up on her. You'll be shocked how quickly you stop thinking about her completely.

    • Onemoreplease, these are wise words here. I rarely find women these days sounding this confident about the breakup scene. A true turn on for any man. Keep it up :-)

    • Yeah she is right just move on.... I know its hard but she lost you bro.... find someone better. also she had a boyfriend 2 weeks right after you. Dude she is not woth the love

  • ifshe doesn't eat or she doesn't go out or she looks like she's crying or you hear from afriend she misses you, those are all clues that she misses you

  • I think its pretty safe that she still likes you if she cried about it when she had to break up with you and if her rents made her do it. That means that she didn't have a choice. or did she? it says your 25-29 and unless she is 11 years younger than you I think she should move out of her rents house anyway!

  • the aim thing she probably kept both because I did the same after I broke up with my boyfriend a month a go.. and I kept both, I just use the new one more often.

    now, it doesn't matter if she wants you to talk to her or not, its whether YOU want to or not. and of course she misses you, you guys were together for a while,and youcant just forget someone that easily trust me. if she or her parents won't let you be together, then just give it a break, and then try being friends,i knw its hard, but would you rather have her completely out of your life, or be friends with her?

    i really wish you the best of luck. :)

  • Well, I think you're reading into this too much. For example, she's probabley just posting lovesongs because she needs the comfort now or can connect to them- it's pretty common. But I bet she still misses you- It sounds like you've known each other for a while, it's natural. It's hard to answer this question without know the full story- what are her parents like, is it natural for her to date guys so quickly, etc. But I think the best advice for now is to just talk it out with her. Just be relaxed and straight foward.


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  • I know you're hurting and confused now. Being dumped is never fun.

    But on the other hand SHE DUMPED YOU! The last thing you should be worrying about is her feelings and opinions. The best way to recover from a breakup is to have no contact with your ex, which helps you heal quicker. Each time you phone her or send an email is simply an excuse to tear your heart into pieces.

    Stay away. Exes should be treated like nuclear waste: they're toxic to you and you need years apart before they're no longer dangerous to you.

    Good luck.

  • Clearly both of you still love each other.

    You will need to deal with the parents issue. Try to understand their view point regarding why they are so much against her. They may have some wisdom to share.

  • Sir, throw away everything she ever gave you, anything that might trigger any memories of her, that's the easiest way to get over someone. She left you maybe not because she didn't like you but probably because she likes this guy BETTER. She probably just used the excuse of her parents, and both men/women use a lot of excuses to get rid of someone as easily as possible. Start going out with other girls asap, I think that's why I've never been attached to one female...

  • 1andonly99, listen man. If she wanted to be with you, she would talk to you straight up, either online or face to face. instead she's playing games with ur head making you think one way or the other... even if she wants to be back with you for real, she's sabotaging herself like this. and if she's around ur age, then yeah. I don't see how she thinks you should start over again with her. trust me.

    u know that saying?

    If you love somethiung let it go, and if it comes back, its yours? (or something lol) that's pretty much it. If she liked you and not guy#2 she would LET you know.

  • she love you and if you love her then you will know follow you heart