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When should you ask someone to be your Valentine?

When is the best time to ask a girl/guy to be your valentine?

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Most Helpful Opinion

  • Uh, Valentine's Day, obviously.

    • You don't think getting asked earlier demonstrates decisiveness and real interest?

    • I'd think it was, honestly, kinda creepy and weird, assuming we weren't already dating.

    • Really? I kinda' figured it would be the exact opposite. If you're already dating... it's assumed. But to want someone to be your valentine, even when it's not Valentine's Day, yet... Well, I thought that was more romantic.You know, like wanting to give a woman flowers, even when it's not your anniversary, or to buy someone a gift even when it's not her birthday or Christmas?

What Girls Said 3

  • I would have to say the day of

  • since its only dec. and there is still time to ask why don't you play a game like the 20 question game. or more than that. ask her questions and ask her what you asked us. but don't just come out and say it. put it in the middle of all the questions you ask and you can make them seem odd or personal to make it not seem so obvious. throw in some other questions about holidays. some girls are different so why not be sneeky and figure out what she liked

    • Lol. I am asking this out of curiosity. Thanks for the advice, though. :)

What Guys Said 2

  • Right around the week of/or on Valentines day.

  • ...last I checked Valentine was for the day permitted. Asking a girl in Dec, would probably seem a little weird.

    • You don't think asking earlier demonstrates decisiveness and real interest?

    • ...if you ask her on valentines day, yes.