Why does my ex look at me?

ok.Now I know this may sound weird.But I just have to ask. ok . Well my ex boyfriend (Jorge) is always looking at me. And well I just need to know what does it mean? I bean wondering why he looks at me so MUCH! Its getting me to WONDER. And I don't like that. Just so you know I REALLY REALLY REALLY liked him. And well our relationship only last for 5days. But I liked him for a longer time before we got together. And honestly I don't know why he keeps looking at me. SO my ? is .WHY DO GUYS LOOK AT THEIR EX GIRLFRIEND? PLS TELL ME!


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  • If he really still likes you too, he may be looking at you. People who really like each other (or love each other) are drawn to each other. I catch my girlfriend staring at me all the time, but I watch her out of the corner of my eye so as not to be so obvious. Not all guys do that. I know she does the same thing with me too. We, as humans do this because we want to know that the other person likes us or wants to be with us. We watch them because we want to know how they feel about us. Also, if we like them, we like to know where they are all the time. We are attracted to them. Evidently, you may have been watching him too, because you are very aware of him watching you. At any rate, I hope this helps. :)


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  • Gee, now why WOULD someone look at a person they once dated? Such INTERESTING and peculiar human behavior!

    All right. Well, the answer is quite simple. This mutual crush you folks had, which lasted a whole five days, was something that allowed the two of you to be close and embrace the feelings you had for each other. Now that the opportunity for that is gone, he still feels something for you - which is normal - and looks at you as his way of seeing how you are doing, what you are up to, pretty much anything to maintain the emotional bond with you. Really though, it's probably the least he could do in the situation.


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  • Sometimes they are just being nosy to see how ur doing,or he might like you back but who knows what think of.

  • Not sure why you broke up, but my guess is that he's probably still thinking you are hot. Often times when people break up it does not mean they do not find you physically attractive anymore, it could be for other reasons. Don't take it as he wants to get back, he probably just wants to check you out.