Why does my ex boyfriend keep asking me for sex?

I am 21 and my ex boyfriend is 20. He broke up with me in Oct. and we dated for almost a yr. When he broke up with me, I was heartbroken, because he was very hateful. He told me he never wanted to see me again and that he was so over me. Yet he still continued to call me the entire time. While we... Show More

ok you guys, he texted me again and told me that he wanted love, intimacy, and a friendship. However the important word lacking was... COMMITMENT! I asked him why he was so obsessed with me and he just simply said because he wants me.

To Faber Fan: I have one more tidbit off info. I asked him can we just have an open relationship and he got pissed about this. Now wouldn't he be benefiting from this. Him and I connect emotionally but still see other people.

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  • As per your second update. Why would you want an open relationship with him in the first place? Wouldn't you rather have someone there for you in full. I mean, most guys wouldn't even touch you if they knew you were in an open relationship with someone else. It seems odd to me, unless you are hung up over this guy. And yeah he would benefit, because connecting emotionally will lead to connecting physically. But he doesn't want to wait. He wants you now.

    He wants you for one thing and one thing only: sex. I'm sure you are smart and pretty, you can find someone who will appreciate you fully.

    Oh, and he got pissed because he doesn't want you meeting/liking/sleeping with anyone else before him, because he is a jealous child, and he WANTS you all for himself.

    I mean, he broke up with you because you didn't sleep with him. Do you honestly believe he ever wanted anything else from you? Please, ignore him. If you need someone to talk to, just talk to me, message me or something I don't care. And that goes for anyone who needs help.

    • I will have to agree with faberfan on this one. It seems like he wants just sex from you without thinking about other facets of your personality. Friends with benefits can't evolve into a relationship because I personally haven't seen too many friends with benefits work out to be in relationships period. A relationship is more than just sex but it seems like this guy thinks sex without committment is a relationship to him, but in reality a relationship is built upon more than just sex.