My ex boyfriend wants to spend Valentines Day with me

K so my ex dumped me 3 months ago & we were 2gether 4 a year. I just broke up with another guy that I dated to try to move on & I was with that guy for a month, then he cheated on me. So I was talking to my ex thru text messages that day & was complaining how I hate valentines day because something bad always happens to me. So he told me to call him then he asked if I wanted to hang out with him on valentines day as friends, like our first time hanging out. And he said he'd but me something. I said yes thinking it was no big deal but now everyone thinks he wants me back. What do you think!?

Ooh and he just called my mom today to wish her a happy b-day.
& now he says hell buy me something for valentines day
So 2night he sent me an email saying that the first part off my vday present was on a website. So I went there & it was his myspace & he had posted a happy vday song that he recorded & wrote with my name in it. & with the song was a pic of me
He wanted me back. Thanks for the advice guys!


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  • I don't know exactly. When I broke up with my ex, he wanted to get me something for V-day and hang (which we did) but we never got back together. I was so excited at first because everyone (even guys) were telling me that he did but he never did. What the heck though. I'm a fool for love so I'm going to say yes he does! Good luck!

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      Lol its actually good 2 hear some1 say no bc like I don't wanna think that he definitely does ya know

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      LOL. In a perfect world men would just come out and say how they feel huh? Best of luck to you! :)