Top 10 Things I Really Hate About Women

Gonna get straight to the point.

Alright, these are the things I hate. Before somebody says it ain't true, I don't obviously speak for all men just me, some of my friends agree with some, some don't.

1.) Masculinity

Ok this is the weirdest one for you girls, and the least common one. But I did my undergraduate in engineering and doing masters in it right now. You ever spoken to an engineering female? They know more about engines than me, arm wrestle with me, explain why it wasn't offside and most importantly, don't even look like a girl.

You might think I'm exaggerating or just picky, but to put it into context, I didn't know one of the girls was a girl till 6 months into my first year. Everyone thought she was a guy.

I want a girl, to be like a girl, to put on makeup, do girly stuff, go shopping, do her hair, her nails etc. When she arm wrestle with me its worrying, and trust me, I'm pretty strong compared to most guys.

2.) Insecurity

"Am I ugly?"

"That girl is thinner than me"

"I'm fat"

"I hate my face"

Look, I ain't the best looking guy in town. I ain't even close. Does that mean you don't date me? No it doesn't.

I know you ain't the best looking girl in town. But that doesn't mean you ain't beautiful. It also doesn't mean I'm after other girls.

And I don't agree with the term "ugly" for girls. There's just girls who are happy with themselves and girls who ain't.

3.) Neediness

Right, I like spending time with you. But I have shit to do. I have a job. A degree to get. A career. I wanna spend my time with you. But I can't dedicate every hour of the day to you.

So so don't go ape shit if I haven't replied in 10 mins. It turns me off.

4.) Thinking she is the queen of the world

I said you are beautiful, but that doesn't mean you can look down on people or degrade them, certainly not me or gtfo of my life.

5.) Using her gender to get away with things

I don't hit girls. But when a girl uses this and hits you coz she knows you won't hit her, she pushes my temper.

Its not just hitting, it's also verbal too.

This is a very small number of girls I've met but some are just too annoying and grind my gears.

6.) No/little ambition

I respect everyone, but if you're goal in life is to get married and have a sugar daddy then go jump of a cliff. You are just using up valuable oxygen in this world.

7.) Annoying laugh

Some girls when they laugh, give me chills down the spine. Like are your vocal cords still going through evolution from chimps? Coz you sound like one.

8.) Being a psycho

If you ever talk or look at a girl I will kill her, you, me, your mama, my mother, and everyone else.



9.) Attention seeker

Going to the gym like you're going to a nightclub isn't attractive, it's repulsive. A bit of makeup, OK, do what you want but. Coming to the gym with full makeup and lifting 100grams just to show your ass makes me look the other way just so you don't get hyped with yourself.

10.) Your "Number"

Alright, if I'm expected to tell the truth about my history with honesty then so are you.

I like honesty. I don't care if you've dated with 30 guys or 5, just tell me the goddamn truth.

Besides, if you're gonna be ashamed with your past then don't do it in the first place or be honest about it.

Thanks for reading. Just my views.

Let me know what you think.


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What Girls Said 25

  • I agree with most of these, but your attitude toward masculine women bugs me. Not because I think you need to find those of us who are more masculine attractive. There's nothing wrong with liking feminine women. Your statement that you want "a girl to be like a girl" bugs me, though. There is no one right way to be a girl. I do not wear makeup regularly, have short hair, hate shopping, hate skirts, harr

    • Pressed submit on accident.

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    • As you can see not everyone agreed with me. Didn't expect everyone to do so either.

      I wrote before I posted that these are my opinions and don't speak for all guys before some girls get offended. As you can see below there's a guy who disagrees with me on some stuff

    • Yes, you it is your opinion, and that's fine. But the way you said it comes across as overly judgmental.

  • About the first one, girls don't have to act feminine if they don't want to. It's a personal choice.

    • There's always one.

      Hun I said like twice that it's my opinion. Are you telling me that all guys want the same thing?

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    • Of course they dont. They can act however they want but most guys dont like masculine women. Just like most women dont like feminine men.

    • @mattty I know biology can't change for who a person is when you are born who you are then that's who you are

  • All of these are very on point! Not that they describe every girl, of course. We are all different. You left out 'girl who cries over everything' but other than that, you summed up all the most annoying female traits. And this is why most of my friends are guys...

    • Well, I think that's kinda linked with being needy.

    • Ah, true. Sometimes it's being needy, and sometimes it's being overly emotional. A girl at work cries nearly every time I see her, and some days I just want to tell her to get a grip! Geez.

  • If tomboys aren't your thing then that's fine but you act like we're monsters because we don't like stereotypical girl things.

    • lol.. nobody said ur monsters. some men LOVE tomboys. others , not so much , is all.

  • Agree with the list. Pretty much the same things I hate about guys except number 1, and 7 a annoying laugh always makes me laugh, and masculinity is all what makes a man a man.

    • Lol yeah completely agree with you. The male version of this would also be repulsive for some girls too.

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    • completely agree.

  • "I want a girl, to be like a girl, to put on makeup, do girly stuff, go shopping, do her hair, her nails etc. "

    and I now want to vomit...

  • Oh well sadly I am an Electrical Engineer and I hoped that was not a turn off 😀 other than that nice list !

  • Those are horrible things I hate them about women too. Why do we even exist?

  • 1. How is that based on what a woman should act like? Men run the fashion industry. Does this make these men feminine? These things aren't biological at all but tottally influenced by society. And shopping doing their hair and nails guys do that too.
    Realize that a good 90 percent of men can't but build anything or fix anything thats why people have jobs to do them.

    • I don't agree with those men either.

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    • i dont care about being right or not, its just that what you said initially is factually wrong, nothing can change that. But believe whatever you want, you are in denial. bye

  • I'm independent and have learnt to do a lot of things around the house, but am a girl and like dressing up for things. The only other one is I'm not necessarily insecure, it's more I'm shy at times, especially like getting naked etc.

  • I think you're a bitter man who needs a lot of growing up to do. Can't handle competition from female engineering students.

    • Only #1 involved girls from engineering. And it wasn't limited to girls from there, just was an example.

      Still, your opinion.

  • lmao at the third meme

  • I agree with most of this. The laugh I try so hard to stop it's the worst thing ever. At least I don't cackle like some girls.

  • Awesome take. I would agree with all of those. Haha the same goes for men too.

  • Lol not so horrible of a list.

  • I somewhat agree with your post. For the insecurity I hope you mean the ones that do it on purpose. For one I am super insecure and sometimes I can't control how I feel about myself. Other than that your opinion was on point

  • True i got 1/10 i have the most annoying laugh. Why is that so bad?

    • Because the guy has to potentially listen to that laugh for the rest of his life...

    • It's not so bad lol. Just not my thing.

      And no one is perfect, if a girl is perfect but has a bad laugh, I have no problem.

      It's not like a I/we men are flawless.

    • Go to Youtube and search on "fran drescher laugh". They will answer your question.

  • I would like to add for either sex: talking about your ex.

  • I agree with every single one of those. Well said.

  • It's a good thing I'm not like this then.

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What Guys Said 43

  • I expect a girl to create the counter Take to this. ;)

    • Haha I don't think enough girls will see it to create a counter. Hope they do though.

  • 1. Seriously? I despise girly girls. I mean to each their own, but develop a personality that culture didn't hand you for fuck sake. by the way, I know plenty of non-masculine engineering females, and I went to a top engineering school. They aren't afraid to be who they are, and I appreciate that.

    2. So you want girls to be confident in who they are, as long as it fits your definition of who they should be? Fuckin a bro.

    3. Agree with you here, although plenty of guys can be needy as well. I've dated plenty of independent girls; I'm guessing you don't attract that type considering the way you speak about women.

    4. Yes, ego is not a good trait on anyone.

    5. I'd agree, but it also depends on the girl. Some girls really can take you, and if you are saying stupid shit like this, they'd be ok with beating your ass. Think no girl can beat your ass? You're an idiot then.

    6. This also is not my type. Definitely want an ambitious girl, but again this conflicts with number 1.

    7. Ok?

    8. Yep, again not exclusive to females. But yes, I also don't appreciate psychos.

    10. Yeah, people should be honest.

    • Well I did say I don't speak for all guys like twice.

      Your opinion.
      Your taste in women.

  • I agree with all of it EXCEPT 1, although I can write it up to personal preference. I just honestly don't get your preference whatsoever. :p

    I prefer girls who DON'T do their nails and use makeup and aren't into "girly stuff", or at least if they are, then NOT because it's considered something a girl should enjoy.

    I do admit I'm not into too much muscle though. That's not physically female-like. I like girls who are physically female, but don't do the whole feminine superficial drama shit. So I can't relate to desiring a "purely feminine partner".

    All of the others? Agreed. Especially 3 5 6 8 and 4

  • After seeing #1 & #2, I thought of the "body positivity" and "fat acceptance" movements. I'll take the girl who THINKS she is fat over someone who is actually fat.

    #4. I would love to see Judge Judy backhands a few bitches that come into her Court Room. They deserve it!

    #5. Girls, WATCH OUT! More Men are NOT putting up with this behavior. Youtube has plenty of examples of Women hitting Men and the Men are hitting back. Take a guess as to who looses.

    #9. BOYS AND GIRLS, get over the "selfie craze". Its narcissistic.

    #10. Yes, Girls need to tell the truth. There are now 25 different STDs. Check out "super gonorrhea". Its resistant to drug treatment.

  • 4, 5, and 9 are tops for me. 10 is good too. If you can't tell me how many you've slept with that must mean you really think you have something to hide.

    I'll add some:
    - Acting weird and shy when you come around her and one of her girlfriends.
    - Talking about how guys should be emotional and talk about what's on their minds, yet treating them like babies and minimizing they're situation when they do.
    - Not keeping clean and not keeping their house clean.
    - Talking about what a "real man" is/should be and what a guy should do, yet having nothing to offer a man.
    - Thinking your perspective is best or most correct just because you're a female.

    • Yep some I agree with, some of yours I actually find cute such as her being shy.

  • "I respect everyone, but if you're goal in life is to get married and have a sugar daddy then go jump of a cliff. You are just using up valuable oxygen in this world."
    Dude. This is the best sentence here xD :D :) You made me laugh on the last part of this sentence.

    But still not a bad list.

  • Ditto except 1 & 10.

  • That last pic is gold xD

    I agree with this Take.

  • I agree with girls being better oft not being masculine thing but please no makeup.

  • Great one dude, all of them is acceptable :D But I take 1 and 2. Most of chicks think they will be beautiful if they lose so much weight and become "thin" but its totally wrong, they kill their feminine look.

  • 100% accuracy

  • I'll accept some of these, others I hate in any human.

  • Disagree with the 1st. I'm into weight training and martial arts so I'd prefer for her to be into stuff too which means she's most likely gonna be "masculine" in appearance. I'm about it

    • Well I like girls who go gym in fact I love them.

      But I would rather have her look like picture 2, picture one I won't be able to get hard on even with viagra.

      Just my taste

    • To each their own. I'd be head over heels for the 1st girl

  • Great list

    The only one I'm not really agreeing with is the annoying laugh, though I suppose if it's "annoying" it's typically a bad thing

  • strong first point!
    and point 9 too, but i must admit the gym booty bunnies are nice to look at when resting between sets and can fire your blood up good too sometimes, :-D. but yeah, its not cool if its your girlfriend

    • Lol I love to see girls in the gym especially when they are fit. I like it when they take care of themselves. It's just a problem, if they have bigger muscles then me. And I'm 6'0.

    • lol yeah, usually its rare to see girls with musckes bugger than a guys, but i have seen a few girls that lift more than i do :-\ but then again im still beginner level lol.
      but i dont like abs and stuff on chicks, i like it better when they are a bit "phat" and soft.

    • Agree 👍🏻

  • is there a new English coaching centre in turkey? when did u all learn to speak the language fluently

  • Yes, they can be annoying.

  • Hahahaha nice take.. It was fun reading it

  • Agree with everything on this list

  • Good

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