My most recent crush experience that I feel needs to be shared

My most recent crush experience that i feel needs to be shared.

So i just started my new job Monday and we are in a training class for 7 hours. And I have to say my experience has been pretty blissfull. For some reason the other employees enjoy talking with me and I have to say it's really nice meeting new people and just connect with them easily and have cool conversations.

I've even met this beautiful girl who took my breath away; not just with her beauty, but her smarts and charm. We first talked when she randomly came to sit next to me for a few minutes (because she's usually in the front and im in the middle). As class was going on I smoothly slip her a paper with a game of tic-tac-toe drawn in the coner. She then just looks at me and after she smiles, I felt my heart melt instantly. We play a few and as we reach the end of our time together, we play one last game and I win (luckily I might add) and as I see her walk away I begin to get sad.

It was like the sun walked away and came these dark clouds. She really made me feel like there was an angel on earth. So because I have lust emotions I write her a poem and give it to her at the end of the night. It was hardest thing I've ever done. I waited till the very last minute and even then I was still scared haha. So I give it to her. Later that night I couldn't sleep at all. All I could think about was her and I wish I could tell her more about how i feel but I don't want to scare her because after all Valentine's day is coming up and if she has a bf well I don't want to cause any problems. But I feel if I try hard enough...maybe..just maybe... I could win her heart.


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  • That's so cute! Hopefully things go your way and you can ask her out on Valentine's day! Have you guys been talking? If so and you feel like you get along well, just asks er to go to a movie with you or something! (50 shades is out now) jk. But good luck!

    • We don't talk much, just at work. But I'm working on asking her out. Slowly but surely

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  • Must say that you are daring Man :D Do not worry, evenif she has a bf, you have struck her chords (seems like such from your comments :) ). I hope that she doesn't have one and you get to go out for a date wd her reaaaally veryyy sooonnnn :D

    Aaaal d besstt buddy :)

  • good going man... now don't freak out and start obsessing over her. just lay low, bask in her glow, go with the flow but don't go ape shit joe...

    • Yea i have so far. I'll be sure to ride this thing out smoothly