Can asking a shy girl out scare her away?

Can asking a shy girl out back fire and end up scaring her away from you?


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  • Yes, definitely. With shy girls you need to be careful and slowly show her that you like her.

    • Even if she likes you? You still have be careful and go slowly?

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    • I guess you just have to take things slowly and sont pressure her and just give her time. Im sure you'll be successful...

      Good luck :)

    • I'd never want to pressure anyone into anything, but thank you for kind words. :)


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  • Yes, if she doesn't know you well enough. Maybe invite her and a couple of her friends somewhere with your friends... like a hang out. And then you can try to talk to her more over the course of the evening - this will result in her being more comfortable with you, hopefully.
    With time, you will feel when it's the right time to ask her out.

    • If you've scared her off can she ever come back around or is it game, set and match?

    • Sure you can turn things around. Depends on your approach and on her personality and willingness to take a bit of a risk.
      You'll have to start slow again and move on from there.

  • yep this can happen

    • Even if she is attracted to you/interested in you?

    • yes maybe... can happen because she doesn't know how to show her attraction towards you

    • Okie dokie!

  • Yes. Try to be friend at first. You don't want to rush the things do you?

    • I've gone down this route before with a few women, liked them became their friend and then I end up being stuck on the friendship stage as they go off and meet other men and end up with those men. I end having to watch those friends with their boyfriends at social gatherings and feeling like an idiot for lying to them and not just being honest from the beginning.

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    • Ah this started to stink let me tell you. Why are you occupying yourself with those games anyway. Move on. She is beautiful but incapable to express herself. So don't consume your time.

    • You're right.

  • Yes it can. With shy girls you need to ease into it

    • I've learnt a valuable lesson here.

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    • Give it another try. If she refuses you again, then you can move on

    • That sounds like a plan.

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  • I did this once and it can happen.

    • Did it ever work out for you?

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    • No, she clearly wasn't interest so I move on to another girl.

    • That's what I want to do.