Is one week of messaging each other from Tinder too soon to ask to meet up? Read description?

First off I considered Tinder a joke I only wanted something legit, funny thing is I found a girl there and matched who does too, anyway she said she'd delete Tinder because it was a bunch of gross guys and she doesn't do hookups so I asked for her actual phone number which she happily gave, anyway we've texted everyday for the past 5 days and she's opened up about quite a bit, he'll she even invited me to follow her on Instagram and said I have a good sense of humor, however she's not good at keeping a conversation going, she replies often with short answers, rarely asks about me etc normally I'd take that bad but I doubt she'd invite some guy she's not interested in to follow her on social media and also she even admitted she isn't good at holding a conversation, she has almost like a social anxiety and she I very shy it sounds like. So her replies seem more based around her being shy.

I've tried being hinty or flirty sometimes but she kinda draws back-replies but dodges it so I finally asked her what she wants in a guy, she said someone who can make her laugh (she said I have good humor) and someone who makes an obvious effort,,,, I almost wonder if she implies she wants me to be straight up?

anyway I'm conflicted as its only been a week of messaging and she's shy so I don't want to scare her by asking to meet, but I can't see this texting where she is super cautious being much more fruitful either since I've talked to her about a lot of topics, so girls do you think it's too soon to meet up? I know plenty enough about her to hold my side of the conversation I'm only worried how she'll take it, I find her shyness cute but don't want to scare her away. I mean she does know I'm not some pig guy from Tinder obviously or she wouldn't have given me her number but still..

  • You're fine to ask her to hangout it's not too soon
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  • Eh, it may be too soon
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  • i think you can safely ask her if she would like to grab a cup of coffee with you.

    • Coffee dates are awkward, unless you take it to go and explore a city or something.

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  • The earlier u ask out the better, its so stupid to chat all time...
    if u chat all the fuckin time... then when u meet what will be left to talk?

    • That's a good point..

  • You'll want to get face to face asap man