Does he feel obligated to talk to me? is he just trying to be nice and is secretly annoyed?

so i have known this guy for a while and we talk sometimes but our conversations get really awkward really fast because he really never helps carry them on and then starts playing with his phone. our conversations mostly consist of me asking various questions and him answering and or asking the same question back, rarely ever asking me anything. when weekend topics come up he asks me who im going with whenever i mention im planning on doing something with friends or whatever, even though he only knows one of my friends. then he also avoids me like literally running away before i see him or before i approach him, and its so obvious, i ignore it though. then there are times where when we make eye contact he will smile and wave like i do to him, or come sit with me on the bus etc etc. these days are his 'better days' where he sort of opens up a bit more, but then its like the very next day he's back to square one. when he does open up our conversations still get awkward quickly because he never helps carry them on. he is not like this with other girls and guys I've seen their interactions and he seems more himself. also i know he's pretty outgoing and funny, and dirty so i dont know if he's really shy, is he just talking to me because he feels obligated to?


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  • The only women I feel obligated to talk to are my bosses, or friends of my mother. Anyone else, I can walk away from if I don't *want* to talk to her.

    I don't think I'm unusual in this.


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  • Does he ever flirt with you? Is he a relationship type of a guy or a more "player" kinda guy? I think if you match his personality up to his actions you should be able to figure out what his deal is. Not all guys are excellent at carrying conversations either... especially if they are shy. Do you fancy this guy? If you do I think you should start being more flirty from your side and then checking whether he responds to that. If he doesn't then at least you know where you stand.