How much does a kiss really mean?

How much does a kiss really mean to a girl? I mean I have talked to some girls and they say it means a lot and some don't think it means anything. Just wondering.


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  • A kiss can mean everything- a simple but meaningful kiss can solve a problem, change a girls mood, and make her feel amazing inside. I think it's the best physical way to show a girl you care about her. A kiss is my favorite thing a guy can do.

    • Thanks that helps a lot.

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  • Kisses mean a lot to me! A bad kiss can be a really BIG turn off. I remember a couple of times in high school where guys didn't know how to kiss and just shoved their tongues down my throat. Needless to say, I didn't kiss them again (well or at the same time for that matter, since that's how it sounded). A passionate kiss with the one you love can be so wonderful!

  • It could be either of the 2 for me. It really depends on who the kiss is with and how much you like them. You could kiss someone you only liked a bit and call it "nothing" but if I kissed a guy I REALLY liked it would be a big deal :)

    • Okay so if its a guy that you liked a little bit and he kissed another girl as you liked him would you get mad if he said it meant nothing.?

    • IMHO, it ALWAYS means SOMEthing. If I were with a guy and saw him kissing another chick, I'd be VERY upset. Even if he said it "meant nothing". I don't just go around kissing or hugging on everyone. If I did, how then would it also be so special between me and my guy? You know what I mean?

  • Kissing means some thing when your dating and you basing a potentiality relationship on some thing physical and the question " is he gonna get me off in bed" a good kiss gets your blood flowing. But saying your not gonna date any one cause they are a "bad" kisser means they are looking for a reason to break up or not to see some one again. . If they like you they will be with you if your a "bad" or "good" kisser any way.

  • In my opinion, it does mean a lot. You are putting your feelings whether its lust or love into in, there should be some passion, caressing, some feeling into it.

  • Depends on everything -- the girl, the kiss, when and where it happens.

    If you're on a date, yeah it will probably mean more. But if you're out at a bar or a party drinking, then she probably won't count it as so much.

  • To me, a kiss is one of the most intimate experiences you can share with a person. As close as the two of you can possibly get without actually making love. So, to me a kiss is everything. Lips talk from the soul... you just have to find the right person to listen.

  • A kiss means a lot to me, because I'm not the sort to start making out with someone I've just met at a bar or something. So if I was kissing someone, they'd be someone I had feelings for, and therefore it would mean so much to me...even if it's not so great.


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  • Depends how good of a kisser you are, my suggestion, use blistex on a normal basis, and when you're kissing, dictate the mood and take your time. Nothing is better than a sweet kiss.

    And how much does it mean to a girl, more than you think