A girl ask me out but brings her brother? What does that mean?

We went out 2 days ago. Today, at 11, she sent mr a message asking me out. I just found out she is bringing her brother? What does this mean?

Ahhhh dam! Should have just said i wasn't free.. Dont ask me out and then bring your bro!!! Lol


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  • I think she is scared to go alone, thats why i would bring my brother. Or she probably didn't want to seem like its a date. You should ask her why she is bringing him.


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  • Maybe she had to watch her brother, & had no other choice.

  • I actually did that the other night and it wasn't so bad. I only did it because I felt bad my brother didn't have plans...


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  • It either means she doesn't trust you and wants additional protection, or just figured you guys could do something together. She should have asked you first, though. Is she Muslim? I hope not.

    • No, she is not muslim, and i dont really see the point you are driving at?

      Why will she ask me out if she dont trust me? Hahah. Thats just more insulting!

    • Hey, it's just one possibility out of two. She really should have asked first, but maybe she just thinks you guys could hang out! Who knows. I sure don't. There are too many possibilities.

    • That's a ridiculous assumption to think that she's Muslim for bringing her brother with her lol.

  • the first thing come to mind would be "ouch"
    if she brings her brother then she has a problem with being alone with you that is really bad.
    I guess if she keeps bringing her brother to your 'dates' then you should give up on dating her