Why do women drop 'subtle' hints?

I've had many experiences of women dropping hints, and then expecting me to read their minds, getting mad when I inform them I can't. Why do they do it?


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  • I did this with my last boyfriend so I knew that he wasn't just using me to get a piece of ass ! Guys do that all of the time ! We never know if your really paying attention, or if your just using us ! Plus if they don't know already then when we get mad at them they should know, and we should be able to drop other hints telling them that they need to pay more attention to how we look at things . I know that your trying and that's all that matters . So prove to her that for example you may know more about skateboarding than nail polish . You need to tell her that you do listen but you can't remember everything . And she needs to learn to trust you and understand where your coming from .

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      Do you expect guys to know what you have in your mind long before you tell them? Don't you think that at least a little unreasonable? Surely there are better ways to find out if he really likes you or if he's just after 'a piece of ass' as you put it. Do you trust your guy enough to really like you, or are you just after having a boyfriend for the sake of it?

      I get what you're saying about proving about my listening. I do try as it's the least of what I can do (esp with my memory) for her.

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      We don't purposely try 2do it its just kinda n our nature...u see I understand where your coming from I really do...n wen I do that to my boyfriend I never get mad at him....maybe its just b/c she thought that you had to know that kinda stuff or maybe she just expects more from u...either way you both need to pay attention to each others feelings..

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      True. Strangely enough, what I have found causes the most amount of break-ups is actually a lack of communication. I just wish that everyone would just be obvious with their communication so that there's fewer misunderstandings. I hope that doesn't make life boring, but it might make it easier and less painful for all concerned.