She gave me her number on Tinder and we have been texting a lot the past few day. Should I call her before asking to meet her for the first time?

We go to the same college and hit if off on Tinder so after a day I got her number. We have been messaging and I want to meet her this weekend or next since it is such short notice. We have loved so much about each other already but should I let her hear my voice before we meet? Also, since it is short notice would y'all wait or now? Thanks for any advice!


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  • Yeah, go for it now. Props for calling instead of texting.

    • Okay, since we text a lot should I let her know I am calling so she isn't caught off guard or something or just call?

    • I just don't want to call at the wrong time. Even though she seems really interested.

    • Yeah, makes sense. Asking when it'd be a good time to call should be fine.


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  • Absolutely call her. You're getting snippets in texts, go for an actual conversation. It's not like a phone call is a romantic or especially forward thing anyway. And I'm sure you both would appreciate hearing the others' voice before meeting.

  • Calling to make plans would be a good idea. Just have specific plans in mind before talking to her about it. Don't call saying, "do you wanna hang out sometime this weekend somewhere?