Asked her out via text - no response?

Read last 2 paragraphs for the main question.

So I met this girl in class 1 week ago and we got together pretty well and I got her number. A week later I ask her to save me a seat but she doesn't read the text until later so I end up sitting somewhere else. (she did say sorry that she didn't read it)

Seeing as 1 week already passed (class is once a week) about 5 hours later I text her saying that she seemed cool and we should meet over coffee (I don't want to wait a whole week before I see her again).

So it's been 1.5 days with no reply so far. Should I just call her and plan the date by phone? Because if she doesn't pick up that'll make me look more desperate. Any help appreciated.


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  • Never ask a woman out via text message. If you like her you owe her more than a text message. If you really want to go out with her ask her out in person if possible. If you will not see her soon a phone call is acceptable. A little bit of effort makes a difference.


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  • Don't do it. Just wait. That happened to me before. Maybe she's busy to check her phone or she's not interested to go out with you.

  • If she didn't answer your text, why put her on the spot by calling her?

    Move on, I know it sucks though, I'm sorry

    • Because I'm thinking the main reason for the no response is that I seemed like a wimp so to make up for that I can just go ahead and call her to show courage or something like that. Because I don't get why else she would give me her number after a nice convo if she isn't down to go out.

    • No girl rejects a guy she likes because he asked out via text. She lost interest

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  • Don't ask over text. If you can't see her in person at least ask her over a phone call