If he rejected my invitation for a date does he hate me or could he like me?

So this guy I like that I've been talking to almost half a year now was (I think) showing some signs that he likes me. We don't really communicate much outside of school and other activities so I wanted to ask him to hang out so we might get to spend more time together. I phrased in it a very friendly way and asked him to see a movie with me. He responded by saying "I don't think I can, I'm going to see an old friend this week sorry, but I can some week end after." I don't know if this is a bad sign or a good sign? And what should I do now? I haven't told him my feelings for him and when I asked him out it was in more of a friendly hangout type way.


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  • I think it means you shouldn't take him rejecting your invitation to hard. I think if he is telling the truth then he is busy. Hopefully he follows up when he said a weekend after that you and him can hang out. I think you should wait to tell him your feelings because if he isn't feeling the same then it can make the friendship very weird and awkward.


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