I took plan b twice after unprotected sex, currently taking the vitamin c, parsley and ginger tea?

I had unprotected sex twice, on the 28th and 30th of this month, he did the pull out method. Very stupid judgement and scared, I took plan b within the 24 hours each time. I took the generic brand, Take Action, the label says to take pill within 72 hours after unprotected sex. I know it will make my period start early or late. But I am still concerned for myself because I am in no condition to raise a child right now nor do I want it. Not sure that it might work I researched natural home methods to induce a period. I had my period last week. I read that vitamin c makes the uterus inhabitable and drinking parsley is a natural emmenagogue to induce blood flow in the uterus area. I am not currently on birth control, nor was I when I did the stupid actions. I am not going to have sex or am planning to anytime soon whereas because I am simply terrified of becoming pregnant. Should I continue my vitamin c and parsley/ginger tea regimen till my period comes?


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  • I've used the plan b pill before when I had multiple sessions of unprotected sex (and he came inside me each time too). It all happened within 24 hours and I took only one pill within 24 hours. It worked for me and my period came 12 days after taking the pill.

    Based on what you wrote, I believe you should be covered by the pill and shouldn't try to induce your period. Try not to stress out/worry too much as you wait for your period because the added hormones in your body along with the stress can cause your period to be delayed.
    However, if your period still hasn't come after awhile, you should get tested.


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  • Don't try to induce a period, your body will do it naturally. If you are pregnant then nothing you eat or drink will change that. You should get the after-morning pill from the pharmacy, they are the only reliable ones.

  • Stick to condoms and birth control... if you are in no condition to have a kid don't be stupid and do something like that knowing you are just going to regret it.