Why are hickeys considered trashy or immature?

I am with a new girl now, and have never had a girl kiss my neck before, usually it's something I do for the girl. but anyway, we both get pretty rough and love it, and we both really love attacking each others necks too.

Unfortunately there are some visible signs of this roughness... but I feel like I should not have to avoid what I really enjoy in bed, but people have asked me if I am 16 or something. I guess I try and hide it, it is a bit tough for a guy though, I just try and wear collars or something. I was just wondering why they are considered so trashy/immature if we both just really get off on it?


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  • I love the act of giving/getting them but no the aftermath. Not because I think it's trashy but because they kind of hurt lol. But some people don't like them or like seeing them on other people. Guess it's a preference thing. To each his own tho. If you and your girl are comfortable with it, then that's all that matters.

    • Thanks, good to hear I am not alone, it just seems like nobody does it for pleasure, its all about marking their territory. which it is not for us, or at least me, we both just really like it.

    • And that's all that matters. People will always have something to say. Can't please em all!


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  • I'm not sure... all I know is I wouldn't go to Job interview with them on my neck. I don't think it will much my outfit.

    • Damn it. This is what happens when u try to be witty. Spelling mistakes *match

    • it's all good, I still laughed. and I agree, but I just meant more in a casual environment, like hanging with friends.

  • Fuck what anybody else thinks, you're not doing it to them, so don't worry about it.
    People always have something to say about any and everything.


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  • Probably just because the name hickey lol

    Makes it sound like some trashy, immature redneck thing

    • Pretty sure if we all just called them "love bites" or something they'd have a better reputation

    • ya it is a silly name, but that's just what people know it by. love bite is a good one.

  • I love giving them and marking my territory. I dont think they are trashy or immature.

    • but you enjoy just the way it feels too? like if there was no mark, would you still be just as into it?

    • @Asker