Why would a guy lie about having an Instagram?

So I met this guy off the dating/meeting website, & when I asked if he had a Instagram, he told me no, he doesn't like social media.
He has talked about dating & asking me what I look for in a guy, so it comes off As him being interested in me.

But, Well me being the curious one that I am, I typed his name in it & his account was the first to pop up.

Why would he lie about it? & has anyone else or know anyone that lied about having some social media account?

i know it seems silly, but it's still the fact that it's a lie.


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  • Seems like he is full of secrets already :x social media is usually full of craps! So I'd say keep an eye out.


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  • Maybe he didn't want a random on the internet knowing everything about his personal life


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  • I met a guy online and he said he had Instagram but he wouldn't give me his name but I'm not stupid.. I found it... he had a girlfriend and he lied to me about it. It was a big deal because he said he liked me and wanted to be with me.