Are guys just as fake as girls? Why do guys act different around their friends than when alone seeing a girl?

So this has only happened to me twice with two different men. This guy who I went to high school would always tell his friends how much he hated me. I never talked to this man in my life so I don't understand why he would have such a negative opinion one me. Yet when I would see him alone he would always look at me and smile so then I would just give him a bitch face. He would literally look so many times just so I can look at him. I would just stare him dead in the eyes with a bitch than he would just look upset and look away and stop looking. Then this other time I had my headphones on and it was on pause. It was like a group of 6 random guys from my college. 5 guys said were saying all these good stuff about my looks except one guy. That one guy I would see all the time. He would smile at times and do what I told you the other guy did. I would just give him the same bitch face and then he would pretend like he didn't look and look annoyed.


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  • Well from what it sounds like, in both you were giving bitch faces originally which gives off that first impression. If you smiled back, then more than likely their perception would change. This would make you more approachable and they wouldn't do the things they do as much.


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  • Those were just 2 guys.

    By he way, I don't believe being 'fake' has anything to do with gender. Both guys and girls can be fake.


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