Please help! My boyfriend's mom caught us sneaking in her house?

So me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 months but we didn't meet the parents yet. Yesterday he sneak me in his house at midnight so we can cuddle because we've been wanting to cuddle since forever. His mom caught us! At midnight! She was like "Who are you?" then he was like "I'm actually gonna give her a drive but we're just in here to get my keys". She looked shocked and confused and he asked "Are you okay mom?" and she said "No I'm not ok" then he said "I'll see ya in a bit mom" then he walked me out. I didn't say a word I was dead scared. What can I do now? Does this ruin my chance with him and having his parents like me? What can I do if I do finally meet his parents?


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  • fuck... could't he verify 1st his mom wouldn't b there?

    • He did! She was asleep! But when we stepped in it was dark so he accidentally hit the chair and it falls down making a loud noise his mom woke up!


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  • You're over 18 right? His parents will probably get over it, after telling him "why didn't you introduce your girlfriend to us". Unless you live in an Islamic country, that would make it ten times fold more complicated.

    • I'm 18 but he's 17 turning 18 this August. We live in the US, but putting myself in her shoes if I catch a stranger at my home durung midnight I might be pissed off and confused.

    • I'm sure she can put two and two together.

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  • just give them time to forget about it.

    • I hope she didn't see my face clearly or forget it was me when I finally meet her maybe.