Ran into this guy I used to date?

I went out last night and saw this guy I used to date last year. I acted like I didn't see him at first but than we kind of just bumped in to each other.

He was talking to me asking me how certain things were and mentioning seeing them on a snapchat. Than as we were talking he told me I looked "lost" and that really bothered me probably because he could tell I was nervous seeing him. After, we were talking he kind of walked away without saying bye and started flirting/talking to another girl right behind me.

through out the night I saw him from a distance talking to other girls and it really upset me but It just showed me what type of person he is. It just bothered me that he said I looked lost.

im thinking of deleting him from my snapchat now only because I don't like the thought of him seeing my everyday stuff and yet remembering things about the snap but never texting me to see how I am.


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  • He's a guy you used to date so get over it already


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  • You're letting him into your head. You dated it didn't work. It ended. Leave that shit in the past where it belongs.

    As long as you're happy now that's all that matters.

  • It sounds like you're better off now. Do you feel lost?

    • I don't feel lost, I think I looked lost because I was so nervous to see him I couldn't look or concentrate

    • He probably misinterpreted your look and wasn't sure what to say. Said the first thing that came to mind. As a guy, I can understand that. I wouldn't worry about it, though. You have your life, and he has his.

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  • You USED to date. He has no obligation to you anymore. Get over it.