I hate my boyfriend rejects my calls and taking his time to reply me back?

I really fed up with him.. Don't like how he treat me. My boyfriend is 32yrs old, he told me he love so much in the last 3 days, and now he treats me like this agian. How I can make him understand my feelings that he really hurt me by rejecting my calls, i am 28yrs old. :( he never treats me like this before this is happen for 2months alrdy. We both talks less on the phone, text and never video anymore :( like he don't ever miss looking at me.. We have met once and he have introduce his friends to me. I supposed this month July gonna see him but he tells me his busy on schedule of his work. So wait if he wants to buy ticket to come down see him which he tells me like that. I told him if his happy with me and this relationship do you still want to continue? And he say Yes. But even he says he loves me but he didn't shows and make me feel. So what to do? How to my boyfriend understand an make him listen to me.


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  • then i'd say u should go wid his actions and not about how he says... guess he's lyin when he says he loves u or he's happy wid u... unless u've been clingy on him so he wants his space anyway


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  • Have you told him that you feel rejected by him? Try talking to him about it. There is no need to be rude. Just explain to him in a calm manner that his indifference hurts you.