What do Japanese/Korean men find attractive in western women?

I find both korean and Japanese men attractive and I wanted to know first hand what they find appealing in a western girl. I'm naturally a blonde, however I dyed my hair red, with blue/green eyes. I'm constantly being made fun of for how pale I am as well. My height is 5'10. As far as personality, I'm quite shy when it comes to strangers and foreigners, but I try to be as polite as I can. I speak Japanese fairly well, but my Korean is kind of eh... I would love love to know if any of this would appeal to Japanese or Korean men :) thank you!


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  • Korean here. I honestly still prefer women with darker hair. Blondes are pretty too of course, but I always liked darker hair more.
    I find many 'races' attractive and it's usually the same features... the hair, the eyes, the smile, body, clothing style


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  • I was motivated to visit Japan before realizing they consider you useless past age 18 when it come to sex appeal. They're very interested in middle and high schoolers and sexualize young girls. Their number one crime in Japan is sexual harassment on trains I guess and pedophilia. You can see it in their shows and anime that they treat innocence like America treats sexiness.


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  • Their skin colour, complexion, eye colour, hair... Generally Asian guys adores Western women.


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