If men were just as picky as women. What would happen to the dating scene?

On a forum I frequent a particular post made by a female user gave me incite into women's mentality:

"Women aren't desperate as men and would take whatever is given to them. We either get the guy we want or are content with being alone"

As you know many women have high standards both physical, as well as superficial in terms of money and status. Physical standards will be lowered by women if wealth and status are increased to higher levels. So what would the dating game be if men also had high standards in the physical departmnet (since men like looks alot) instead of accepting every 5/10 female as shown below:

If men were just as picky as women. What would happen to the dating scene?
Let say men were as content with women on being alone and choose to go all or nothing approach. So say only holding out for women who looked like this:

So the premise here is what would the dating game be like if men were as picky as women and won't content with having a skinny fat, or slight overweight/curvy girlfriend. What if men only settled for girls who worked out and/or have a nice face. In rare cases for women who don't work out, they were genetically gifted with an amazing body and high metabolism that they barely put on weight.


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  • All women certainly aren't like the woman on your forums, that's why some can't be single, they'll stay in a shitty unhappy relationship til another guy comes along and are never happy being alone.
    And for your last paragraph, don't you see how many women aren't with guys with washboard abs? Most guys don't have that "perfect" body, so obviously most women don't end up with a guy like that, and on top of that, are you seriously saying you don't see those fat even obese guys who have a girlfriend or wife?
    It's more down to individual preferences and personality than it is down to gender.

    • Like i said "money and status" will allow a woman to lower her physical standards for looks. Also age of a woman is a factor too.

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    • So with hot guys he's just for fun and nothing serious and with average guys he's taken seriously and he's the one to settle down with? Similar to how guys have fun and sleep with hot sluts but don't that them seriously, then settle down with an average but very decent girl later on?

    • Funny you say that because that's not how it works out for average guys. Average girl explore their sexuality with "hot guys" and slutty girls don't lower their physical standards for guys. The hot girls are the least promiscious and hold out for relationship for high quality males.

      I think when your referring to "guys" here you mean attractive males who can have multiple girls at the same time. AKA the hot guys.

      This take pretty much covers what the average guy gets in the end. Most men agree with it. Some women even say it's true.


      Read the last paragraph to see the fate the average guy experiences.

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  • If men were just as picky as women, then man or woman will find a their perfect match. Is that what your question was driving at?

    e. g., Man likes a woman who picks her boogers, but has a peculiar quirk that he likes to eat her boogers. Woman picks her boogers and has also a quirk that likes it when her man eats her booger.
    **NOTE: Sorry, couldn't find a quirk on the fly and while I was picking my own nose decided to use it as an example to get to the point.

    An eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth concept.


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  • men are picky too.

    • But faaarrrrr less than women.

  • I think men try and find the best they can too. I don't see anything wrong with that.

    • Actually no. Men tend to be a lot more lax in their partner characterisitcs and are willing to date/marry girls who are less attractive than them all the time. Look at online dating for example. There are obese women on there or women who are total losers in life (no direction, ambition, nothing interesting about hobbies) who multiple guys are messaging to go out with.

    • The guys who message are just desperate to fuck usually. Lots of them aren't even real accounts anyway.

  • Men are just as picky too

    • Sorry but no. Men are far less picky about women. Just look at GAG and any corner of earth when it comes to rating women attractiveness. Majority of men are far less critical on a woman's beauty.

      OK cupid did a study and it was found that 80% of men found the women on average above attractive level. While women in that same study for 80% of men below level in attractiveness.

  • umm guys are super picky too. This guy I knew dumped a girl because he didn't like her eating habits like the food. And she was really nice and pretty.


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  • Men are picky as well. They don't even approach the women they don't find physically attractive. So it means they are already rejecting the other women.

  • Men, like women, who can afford to be picky are often picky.

    That average looking guy, for example, who has a well paying and who therefor has a beautiful woman on his arm didn't meet her by chance. No sir. He likely held out and played the field until he met her.


  • in my opinion, most men don't put much effort into looking their best so they short change themselves. Younhave to put in a lot of effort if you want to be very successful with them. Men are lazy though in this respect. So quit your whining and up your game.