How can you tell if an Italian woman is interested in you?

I find it really hard to work Italian women out because they are naturally very touchy-fealy with a warm engaging personality. If it was a western girl I would say that is a big YES but for Italian women I am just not sure.

This one Italian women I work with will occasionally touch my arm and lightly touch my chest when engaged in conversation and always holds eye contact with me when talking and presses the like button on all my posts on facebook. I really don't know what to make of it because she is one of those women that guys can instantly have a crush both on looks and personality on but she does not touch other guys as much as me; maybe more touching towards me because I work one on one with her for most of the day so she is more comfortable with me.

Do you think I have a chance or is she just being a friendly Italian woman possibly concerned about getting involved with a coworker, also I am 10+ years younger than her.


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  • My Italian roommate says that "If an Italian woman likes you she will cook you a shit ton of food and make you fat. Like seriously a shit ton."


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  • An Italian women won't tell you. You're just going to have to take the first step.

  • I don't know I haven't meet that many Italian women and do agree they are a bit different than other women , I say you just go with your gut

  • the same way as all women?

    • You obviously have not met many Italian women.

    • Italian women, are still women. Italian WOMEN