Fuckbuddy Rules?

So I have a fuckbuddy and we're doing really well. Both of us tend to get jealous here and there but it's nothing serious. But I'm wondering if maybe we spend too much time together. I don't have the time for a relationship right now and I LOVE the way we have things. What are some good rules to set with your fuckbuddy to make sure no one catches the feels?


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  • One important one would be that it's sex related whenever you talk or meet up
    No dates, just sex
    If you're looking for love, don't hold yourself back because you have a fuckbuddy (fight le jealousy)
    I hope your fuckbuddy was not a good friend in the past lol, cause then


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  • "Hey !! Don't fucking catch the feels!! 😠"


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  • sounds like you already have developed them. i understand not having time but if you really think there's potential here you'd be a fool to throw the opportunity away. bottom line is that if you really do like this girl you'll find a way to make it work.

  • It's too late. There's already feelings... there's one of you that already wanted more from the beginning


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