Boyfriend: Too friendly, unintentionally flirty, or player in disguise? Dense or just plain insensitive?

If there's one word to describe my boyfriend, it would be DENSE. I swear, even before we were together, he doesn't know his limits to being friends with girls. Now, I currently have control over his facebook account and i was tempted to check his chatbox. After weeks of temptation, I opened it and let me tell you, I WASN'T pleased. I mean, he's a great guy and yeah he has looks but seriously? care to think of me when you're chatting one of your female friends. I'm not the territorial/possessive/controlling girlfriend, I actually let him do what he wants unless its definitely wrong but as his girlfriend, I have my right to be cautious when I see "I love youuu" and hearts even tho it was meant as a friend because the way (others and) i see it, its already flirting right now, not to mention i found one even make a bad joke (in my opinion) I mean, i really want to just let it go but seeing the joke made by the girl joking for him to give her a child, like WTF? not to mention... I'm very insecure, his friends are definitely not ugly... every now and then I check his chatbox (he doesn't know) and feel myself getting more insecure and scared every day, he's already practically flirting with them for crying out loud. I mean, let's see, hearts, "I love you's", telling them their beautiful, etc. I'm scared he'll break up with me someday.. heck, because of all this, I cry at night and his words that "i'm his only one" don't assure me anymore. why don't i bring this up to him? we have a relationship with trust but if there's one thing i know, his female friends are the one topic wherein I always lose a fight between us. I'm confused, hurt and I don't know what to do anymore... advice please.. i can't put everything so feel free to ask questions


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  • I am a firm believer in the no friendship between the two sexes at least nothing close just hi or help each other once in a while but nothing like this, your boyfriend is either desnes af or he wants to bed his friends and doesn't care much about you, iam not sure why you're still with him, if you can't trust a person there is no use in trying to change that person he is who he is , you either accept it and face cheating soon or move on and find someone better, he shouldn't be doing what he's doing now, you know, i know , he and everyone else know it but he still does it, why? he wants to have more options.

  • You're not comfortable in the relationship as it is and he doesn't seem willing to change his mindset. I'd hate to say it but action needs to be taken.


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  • Fuck that lol Idc how hot or great he is, I'd be PISSED

    Dump him.

    • Trust me. I'm not okay with this but love blinds you. He broke through my walls and now i'm vulnerable. I personally am suspicious of his friends tho.

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    • Keep me updated ❤️ I'll give you motivation 😂😂

      Tell him BOY BYE 👋👋👋

    • If only it were easy tho 💔😂 I'll try to update