My boyfriend sent an inappropriate text message to another girl?

Okay I admit I was snooping through my boyfriends text message. I noticed a text message he sent to a girl he used to work with, it convo stated innocent enough but the last text message he sent her said this "So if I show you mine" now why the heck would he send a girl that text... Show More

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  • Why are you telling me? Tell him. You went through his phone so you're both in the wrong but I defend your right to go and address this as needs to be fit. You need to explain to him that in order to maintain your relationship this behavior ends now, and if he cannot abide he needs to leave because it makes you uncomfortable. That's it.

    It's not a matter of reasoning though, understand this, you make the statement ( not an ultimatum ) and make it clear:

    Correct: "This behavior has to stop or you need to decide whether you wish to leave or not because I will not be witness nor partner to these emotional games. Should I find you doing this again the consequences are clear."

    Incorrect: "You quit this or you get out.", "I'm leaving you if you don't stop!", "I do not like this so you need to get it together."

    The difference here is the first gives an option and a reason for those options, the second gives an option but no reason or no option and no reason, or ( and this is the worst actually ) no option and a reason. The bottom three corner him, and the top allows him to make an effective and informed decision.