I sent the last text on Thurs, should I text him or leave it?

Been seeing a ldr guy for 5 months. Haven't seen each other for 3 weeks. He text me Thurs and I sent the last text. Not had a text since, he's busy this weekend with friends. Should I text him or leave it for him to text me, he usually text me every day so its unusual not to hear anything?


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  • Leave it to him to text you because you already texted him back last. You don't want to be the one texting more and not getting responses back. It will make you look desperate. Now it is in his hands to respond back to you if he doesn't because he said he is so busy, stop contacting him period until he shows you more effort. No matter how busy a man is, there is 24 hrs in the day, he could make time if he really wanted too. A text or a call doesn't take much time at all, a few seconds. So, right now, you just leave it alone and if you hear from him, don't respond back so quickly. Make him wait a bit and then you can respond. Asking what happened to you or why you didn't call or text me back is the wrong thing to do. You don't want him to think you were just sitting around anticipating his calls/textts, ok? In cases like this, when you notice a change in behavior or time spent due to bein "Busy', usually says that he is losing interest or has already lost interest. Some people let you know that by telling you st8t up or like most, they show you by there actions which aren't much like your situation. There's nothin you can really do about it but move on and if he texts randomly every now and then or ask to see you after so long, you decide whether you want to do things that way with him but don't you do it all and chase him. Let him chase you to where he wonders about you and if he really wants you, he will show you more than he tells you.

    • Thanks I totally agree with what you say. So if he does deem to contact me should I leave it hours or days before I reply? Say if he contacted me today - that would be 3 days since I text.

    • Wait a day to respond and if he asked what took you so long, tell him you were busy. Keep the convo or text short and sweet. Don't ask to see him or anything like that. If he is comin back, he needs to come back harder. In the meantime, you move on until he shows you that he really wants to be with you and consistent with it.


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  • My boyfriend does the same thing...Give him, his space...A few more days if he doesn't text you just send a text that says hey

  • I would just leave it to him to text back. He still should be texting you back anyway and he should have enough time in the day to do that.

    • So true. A person can make time if they really wanted too. There are no excuses.