Is it true that the first kiss tells you about everything?

do girls think that the first kiss tells it all? like it means a lot to them?


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  • A first kiss is important, but it's hardly the yardstick which will define your entire relationship.

    Things I notice about a first kiss: Am I excited? Am I uncomfortable? Is it inappropriate? And, to a certain extent, Was it good?

    Excited means I, personally, am more than strictly platonically attracted to a person. There's a difference between being able to picture yourself kissing someone and actually enjoying kissing them.

    Being uncomfortable runs in the same vein. If the idea or act of kissing a guy makes me uncomfortable, that's it. I'm not talking slobber. I'm talking emotional comfort. You could be the world's best kisser, but if I just wasn't feelin' it? We're done. For good. That doesn't mean there's anything WRONG with the guy. It just means we're not sexually compatible.

    Being appropriate is important. One time, a guy leaned out and shoved his tongue down my throat on while we were in the theater watching Monsters and Aliens. When the kiss raises the rating of the movie, it is not appropriate. Half the audience hadn't even hit puberty yet. Needless to say, that was a complete strike out and I did not call him back.

    Feeling good - This is the one all guys worry about and it's actually the least important. If you pass the first three hurdles, a first kiss can be awkward and stilted because, hey, we can always try again! However, if the first three marks are shaky or she found you lacking in the interaction department, a bad kiss will seal the deal for nixing a second date.

    • pretty much explained it all, haha. I saw this on hitch last night so I was just wondering, thanks :)

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    • Nice breakdown. The first kiss basically gives you a feeling of the chemistry you have with that person. So yes, it can make or break a forming relationship if the chemistry just isn't there.

    • Exactly. A first kiss means something, but that something isn't 'Wedding Bells and 2.5 children'. It's 'I can see a second date'.


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  • I have found after having quite a few first kisses lol, that if there is no chemistry in that first kiss there won't be, If you feel nothing from that first kiss there is no point in a second. Move on and wait for the chemistry it is very worth much it.

  • not at all! My first kiss with the love of my life was awkward and stuff and junk and stuff

  • nope, my first kiss meant absolutely nothing to me. But that might just be me.

  • not at all. the first kiss doesn't have to be magical. I mean, both people are probably really nervous so it could suck.


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  • Rarely. I wish relationships were that easy. It's like saying your first handshake with your boss tells you all you need to know.

    • Good point! In my personal opinion I think it has some meaning though to the innocent girls, and not the slutty ones.